Need to Sell Your Home “As Is?” Five Tips to Speed Up the Process

Written by Posted On Thursday, 08 June 2017 12:40


If you're stuck in a situation where you need to sell your home as quickly as possible and it's not in pristine condition, don't freak out.


After all, there are plenty of situations where you might just need to pack up and leave: it happens more often that you might think. Whether due to a death in the family or divorce, sometimes it's best for your mental and physical well-being to simply get out of your current living situation ASAP in pursuit of something new.


That being said, even selling your home “as is” requires you to do a bit of tidying up to ensure that it's presentable to potential buyers. Luckily, sprucing up your space doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.



Although there are probably a ton of renovations you'd like to complete on your home but simply don't have the time or budget for, that doesn't mean you can't sell your house. Consider the following five tips to help make your house look like a million bucks to buyers without any costly repairs or renovations.


Bring Your Living Room to Life

First impressions certainly count when a prospective buyer sets foot in your home. While there are plenty of rooms that probably deserve your attention, making your living room more inviting is a great way to subconsciously draw guests into your space with positive vibes. From decorative rugs to elegant shading options such as faux wood blinds to let light in, even the smallest touches can liven up an otherwise dull space.


Give Your Lawn Some Much-Needed Attention

Our lawns are often the first place of our homes to fall to the wayside due to neglect; however, they're often the easiest to fix. Once you know that you're selling your home without a shadow of a doubt, it might be worth it to pay a professional service to show your lawn some love.



Although you might be able to take care of dead shrubs or overgrown grass yourself, seriously neglected lawns can be an absolute nightmare in terms of time and effort. Either way, improving your curb appeal will certainly help attract potential passers-by.


Deep Clean Your Bathrooms

Simply put, a disgusting bathroom is an obvious turnoff for potential buyers. Often cited as one of the most important spaces in your home beyond your kitchen and living room, don't even think about showing your house unless your bathrooms are taken care of. Beyond a deep cleaning of your bathroom, make your prospective buyers aware of any potential plumbing issues if you've dealt with them in the past.


Remove As Much “You” as Possible

This might seem like a no-brainer, but taking down as much of your personal décor (think: family photos and knick-knacks) as possible is always a good idea. In addition to allowing you a head start on your packing, a clutter-free, “neutrally” decorated home is easier for buyers to visualize themselves in.



Start Packing and Pitching Now

On a related note, there's no reason why you shouldn't start cleaning your house today. Even if you haven't actually put it on the market, decluttering and pitching your junk sooner rather than later certainly can't hurt. Not only will doing so make your home more presentable, but also leave you less to deal with when it comes time to move into your new space.


Despite popular belief, making an “as is” home more attractive doesn't have to be a totally intensive process. These small tweaks could result in better offers for your home and help you sell it in a snap.

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