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What about The In Laws? Exploring Housing Options in Later Life

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 13 June 2017 05:51


As our parents and in-laws age, it is not always easy to know which options are the best regarding accommodation.

It can be a difficult time for a family.  Your parents are aging and are on the lookout for a place they can peacefully retire to. But the decision isn’t as easy as it sounds.

First of all, you’d have to figure out the type of place your parents are looking for.

They might feel comfortable living in an assisted living facility, a nursing home or in the room right next to yours.

This decision must be deliberated thoroughly while considering whether your family can afford it or not.

You might not be keen on sending your parents away, but with a limited budget, you might not have a say in this. So let’s explore the two options your parents have.

Family Living

Over the years, a new trend has started; seniors are moving into their children and sometimes even grandchildren’s home.

The statistics for 2008 show that over 20% of elders (65 and above) live in multigenerational households. And the numbers are gradually and steadily increasing.

This arrangement can be befitting for all family members. Being together allows the family to bond and gives children the opportunity to enjoy their parents' company in the later years of their life.

Children get accustomed to having their grandparents around, and it can be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

However, problems can arise in such an arrangement. Elderly parents, with health issues, would find it difficult to adjust to the lifestyle of the younger generation.

You might save nursing home costs, but you’d have to consider whether your parents can function without any assisted help.

For children, the experience can add pressure, but they will also benefit from the money coming in from this arrangement.

As long as both the parties are happy and your parents are getting the care they need, this arrangement would work.

Independant Living

Elderly parents can surely benefit from residing in a retirement village. They would get the care and assistance they need, and they won’t feel like a burden on their family.  More importantly, these lifestyle choices enable freedom and independance.

With opportunity for new friendships you can be sure that your parents will be comfortable. The on-site expert medical care will make their live more relaxed and carefree.

The structured environment of the village gives older parents the normality they need in their life. They get a chance to be more independent in a relaxed environment.

A well positioned and appointed retirement village, as many of the Central Coast and Newcastle Retirement Village’s are, will offer amenities and top quality facilities that your parents will likely enjoy.

All of which makes it easier to adjust to the new environment.   

Taking all these things in consideration, it’s important to talk with your parents and decide on an option that covers their best interest.

The other option would be low maintenance homes such as Modular Homes. These are becoming more common for retirees who are looking for low maintenance housing at a reasonable cost.

Modular homes and granny flats are quick to assemble and less expensive that the alternatives. They can be built to order depending on your needs. They can also come complete with assistive devices for those with physical limitation.

Whatever the choices, they should be choices that our family can agree on and which don't rob our parents or our in-laws of their independence or their freedom.

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