The Value of Adding a Detached Building To Your Home

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:34

There are generally two primary reasons people embark on home improvement projects. First, they want to add something to their home that will make it more functional or suited to their lifestyle and the life of their family. The second big reason is to increase the value.


Savvy homeowners usually start home projects with both objectives in mind, and one of the more common areas of home improvement people undertake is the addition of a detached shed, garage or similar type of building.


When they do add a detached building to their property, they often wonder if it will impact their home’s value and if so, how.


The following are some key things to know when it comes to your home’s value and adding a detached garage or shed.


It May Be Considered Additional Square Footage

One of the number one ways the value of a property is determined is by looking at the square footage. This is important because a detached building addition may or may not be considered additional square footage.


Before planning the addition of your prefab garage or detached building, speak with a realtor or property professional who can help you determine the best route for having it included as square footage.


In many cases for a detached building to be considered part of the square footage of a home, it needs to be connected to the house in some way, so there are logistical things to keep in mind, and these vary based on your geographic location.


Buyer Appeal

The addition of a garage or shed often creates more appeal for potential buyers, which is a very simple way it then creates value. People like storage, no matter the form it takes on. One of the biggest things buyers often ask for during their home search is plenty of storage, and detached buildings can offer that.


Condition of the Building

Having a detached shed or garage on your property that is in disrepair is going to do nothing for value. In fact, it’s probably going to diminish it.


Ensure that if you have an existing building or you’re adding one you take the time to make it look good.

This means landscaping it in a way that’s tidy and neat, and also in a way that allows it to seamlessly blend with the rest of your home’s exterior design and landscaping. You want a detached building to look like a natural addition to your property.


As a final note, if you’re adding a detached building primarily for value purposes, consider showing potential buyers how it could be used in a way different than as storage or a garage. For example, turn it into a “she-shed” or “man cave,” or stage it as a children’s game room. It can also be a space for crafting or a kids’ playroom.

The more you can show buyers how a detached building can be versatile usable space, the more you’ll increase the value of your property.  

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