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5 Tips to Pre Purchase Pest and Building Inspections

Written by Posted On Monday, 19 June 2017 06:21

Before you buy your first family house or your next house, some other type of residential building or a commercial building, you need to make certain that the property has been fully inspected by a professional. A seller can claim that a building received regular maintenance and a thorough inspection, but many unscrupulous people exist who try to take advantage of buyers. Although a pre purchase property inspection takes time and costs money, it can save you a lot of both in the future and prevent unnecessary stress and headaches: 

1. Repairs Issues

A pre purchase building inspection prevents you from dealing with repair surprises after you make the purchase. Many people that pre purchase a house, for example, look for inexpensive “fixer uppers.” Yet, these buildings contain a lot of hidden repair problems that a pre purchase home inspection can reveal before purchase. A pre purchase house inspection can also reveal pests like ants, snakes and termites that infest a building and/or cause damage to it. A pre purchase property inspection can help you estimate whether the asking price really is a deal. Lastly, it can help you prepare for future costs related to one or more professional property evaluations and repair services. An inspection saves you money in the short- and long-term. If you discover a serious problem, you can also use what you learn to negotiate an even lower price.

2. Safety Concerns

FEMA 33788 County building inspector at a FEMA supplied mobile home in California

A building can become a fire trap, health hazard or pose some other safety issue because of damage or breakdown caused by natural aging of building materials, normal wear and tear and neglect by the owner or previous tenant. Some older homes also have materials that are toxic and no longer approved for use in new construction. A pre purchase house inspection, for example, can reveal these issues and many more. You can use this information to help you make a decision regarding the purchase. You can also use it to calculate the costs of making the building safe for use. The information can also help you estimate how much time you need to make it habitable. Common health hazards include rotting wood, leaking roofs or pipes, foundation damage, formaldehyde, asbestos, mold and droppings and damage caused by ants, snakes, termites and other pests.

3. Wiring Matters

High voltage electricity can cause fires and injury or death if a building's wiring or related parts are bad. Older buildings can have bad electrical systems, but so can new ones. In fact, new buildings can have parts that arrived from the factory in a faulty or defective state. Many wiring problems are only revealed after a buyer moves in unless the buyer pays for an inspection first. The smoke alarms connected to the wiring must also be in excellent condition to provide adequate warning about a fire-related situations. Re-wiring can be a time-consuming and expensive process - especially if an entire building needs to be rewired. A building or house inspection guarantees that you learn about any wiring matters before you sign the purchase paperwork.

4. Code Problems

As with other countries, Australia has rules and regulations about construction and repairs related to houses and other buildings. These Building Codes and Standards must be followed to guarantee that a building is safe. Purchasing a building before you have confirmed that its structure is up to code can result in high-cost repairs. Some buildings might need to be rebuilt entirely. Buildings that are not up to code are usually unsafe. Once you make the purchase, the costs related to any fines and/or repair work become your responsibility. A pre purchase house inspection can help you to make certain beforehand that the building you purchase is not an illegal structure.

5. Outbuilding Considerations

FEMA 44528 Home inspections in Olive Hill Kentucky

Repairs of out-buildings and any other exterior structures, including patios, gazebos, sheds and pavilions, can be as expensive as main building repairs. A pre purchase property inspection can reveal hidden issues similar to those found in primary structures. Outbuildings must also meet Australia's Building Codes and Standards rules and regulations set by the closest shire council. A pre purchase building and pest inspection can help you determine if the purchase price that likely includes these structures takes into account their actual physical state and any estimated future repairs or total reconstruction costs. It can also help you to determine if you can afford to make repairs or rebuild, if necessary.


It may seem to you that these are only a few of the reasons that you should invest in a pre purchase building and house and pest inspection, and it may also seem like a minor problem, you should, however, not ignore them the next time you decide to shop for any type of property. It is far too easy for a buyer to allow the excitement of finding what looks like a great property to influence the decision-making process. Before making any decision, be sure to take these reasons into your consideration.

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