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What's My Lake Lillinonah Home Value?

Written by Posted On Monday, 19 June 2017 23:25
Lake Lillinonah Homes for Sale - Visit the great outdoor enjoyment destinations here in Lake Lillinonah. Lake Lillinonah Homes for Sale - Visit the great outdoor enjoyment destinations here in Lake Lillinonah.

When it comes to selling a house, sellers like yourself have one burning question: What is my home value?


Another million dollar question is how to increase the worth of your house without breaking your budget?

Whether you’ve already made up your mind or still planning to sell your home, the subject of pricing your property accurately can seem like a very difficult process. There is a lot of information to sift through and you might feel a little confused.

With some careful investigation, you can come up with a good estimate of your property in Lake Lillinonah market value — or the price your house is likely to bring, without too much hassle.

What’s the first thing to do to find out what’s my home worth?


The immediate thing most sellers do to find out their value is go online since it’s the fastest and easiest step.

But any estimate of home value that you see online whether this is an article written by someone or software asking you to key in your home features is just that – an estimate.

The only thing that makes a difference is when an expert sees and inspects your and helps you make sure that your home is ready to be put up for sale.

These experts are called REALTORSⓇ, like myself. I have plenty of experience in this area. I know recent sales and give you a comparative market analysis.

This covers points including comparable sales of other properties in your area and can help you with estimation.

If you call me today, Deborah Laemmerhirt, at 203-994-4297, I can immediately check out your home and help you decide what needs to be done to increase your chances of getting the amount you have in mind.

What are the steps that you can do to add value to your home in Lake Lillinonah?


Here are a two examples:

Weakening roofs, termite invasion or outdated electrical systems, you can't fix it if you don't know it's broken. Hire an inspector to check out the areas that you don't normally see. They may discover unseen problems that could negatively impact your home's value.

Clean up your lawn. Overgrown lawns and outsized bushes will cause your home to stand out but not in a good way. The good news is that refining your jungle is an easy fix. Your curb appeal will go from messy to impressive without killing your budget.

What’s the number one upgrade with the greatest return?

The answer is the same across the board: the kitchen! It’s always the kitchen!

  • Make small changes like switching out your door handles .

  • Change the paint. It sounds simple but it always works. You need to know the latest trends when it comes to which color best suits your home style. Brighten up the color, no buyer wants to enter house and find a dark or depressive kitchen!

  • Make sure your electric plug covers match the wall color.

  • Switch to stainless steel, the sleek look of steel is always a hot ticket items for buyers.

  • Make your kitchen look like a chef lives there! Hanging pot racks look great as long as your pots look shiny and clean.

  • Add a kitchen island for more storage.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the things that can be done to increase the value of your Lake Lillinonah house.


Call me today, Deborah Laemmerhirt. Let us find out how we can transform your place into  the hottest property on the market without spending too much!


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