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5 Ways to earn money when you are not renting your property

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 21 June 2017 01:07

Who wouldn’t want to earn money? Everyone does, and so they either work for different employers or have their own businesses. Of course, rentals from properties is a significant one, when you neither work for someone, nor own a business. Moreover, present day ideations to the same, like signing up for Airbnb, or offering Serviced Apartments also allow a steady flow of income. But, if the property aspect is not in the picture, where should one go, if he/she is willing to work from home. Are there still enough ways, to earn a decent amount and not just peanuts?

Yes, there are many ways to achieve that. Let us just go through some of them, here:

1. Become a Freelance Writer: This one is for all the learned ones and who have a spirit to write, and to write about anything. From online news articles, to fashion portals, bloggers, technical writers, ghostwriters’ etc. You can write subject related stuff for assignment services provider companies like Transtutors, or you could write a generic travel blog for a travel site. This is one versatile domain. Different organizations all across the world offer various writing, editing, copyediting and proofreading profiles to freelancers and regulars. One can also offer services like Web Designing and Graphic Designing through a virtual mode.

Become a Freelance Writer

2. Online Tutoring: Much on the lines of the above mentioned, this one is a profile for tutors who can take online sessions. They could teach specific subjects or take technical trainings for enhancing employability skills in their pupils. Students can also become , if they want to earn extra income and fund their higher education. Organizations that help students complete their assignments, essays, or dissertations also offer online tutoring ex. Transtutors, Chegg etc.

3. Earn Through the Online Mode: In the day and age of internet, when everything happens at a click of the mouse, there are several online ways to generate income. Some of them be like: earning from PTC sites (by clicking on online advertisements and reading them). Or, through GPT sites, wherein one can take small surveys, watch videos or even play games to make some money. On similar lines are opportunities like Affiliate Marketing, earning through AdSense or AdNetwork

4. Be a Virtual Assistant: In this one, the person can offer his/her assistance to someone on a virtual mode. Like you could be an assistant to someone staying abroad and are taking care of the company website, updating their social media portals, responding to client queries. You could have a direct boss, who needs scheduling with his meetings or updating his files.

5. Through Stocks: One can also make a good amount of money by being an avid learner and follower of the stock markets. You just need a laptop and an internet connection for going ahead with this one. Of course, knowledge of the markets, which is easily available through free or paid courses online.

Working as a Stock Broker

While, there are more such opportunities for a steady generation of income, apart from the ones mentioned above. However, the likes of Online Tutoring and Freelancing are the chosen few amongst those who want to stay connected to the academia in one way or the other. And, organizations like Transtutors offer many such profiles.

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