Mobile Furniture – An RV Can Feel Just Like Home

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 27 June 2017 13:30

Believe it or not, there are many similarities between what makes a house feel like home and an RV more inviting. Think of your vehicle as a home on wheels. That means furnishing the vehicle so that it feels like a home, but mobile furniture is a little different in a few respects. It must be lightweight, secured, and the right fit, so ordinary home furnishings often won’t do.

Here are a few aspects of RV furniture that make it unique.

There are many positive aspects and not just the increase in recreational vehicle furniture sales in 2015 and 2016. Retired folks and younger people who travel benefit the RV industry. Aside from deciding to own or rent the vehicle, and other decisions that must be made, considering the furniture is key to achieving a comfortable, enjoyable ride. Those couches, chairs, kitchen furnishings, and bedroom sets are distinct in that they can be easily:

Replaced: Although RV furniture is bolted down, it is not difficult to remove and replace old items or ones that don’t suit your taste. The items often show their age. Fading from sun exposure and wear from normal use can reduce the value of furniture. If it is no longer comfortable, replacing a couch, for example, in your personalized RV interior, is typically a lot simpler than you may think.

Convertible: The versatility of RV furnishings is in they can often be converted into something else. There are beds that convert into sofas, or that come with hard top covers to become tables. Foldable seats and tables are RV favorites. Maximize your seating and storage with benches that have plentiful space to keep unused items until you need them. Some of the most attractive RV furniture has hidden features and functions that aren’t evident at first sight.

Upholstered: An older, worn, or stained sofa or chair does not have to be thrown out. If it is still viable, you can re-upholster these furnishings especially if the cushions are still okay. Changing the fabric can restore a soft chair and contribute to the look of your RV interior. Plus, doing so is typically less expensive than buying something new.

It Doesn’t Have to Be for an RV

Household furniture can be used in some cases, contrary to what may seem like common sense. You just need to bolt it down with metal brackets. If the furnishings are the proper measurements and compatible with the vehicle’s design, it can contribute to the styles and colors seen throughout your RV. Some vehicle-specific furniture can be quite expensive and going with usable items from home can help work within your budget.


The cost of installation is often included when you purchase new furniture for your RV. Installing large pieces without expert help can be tough. Sometimes, windows need to be removed, even the windshield, to get an item inside. You’re often better off leaving such work to the professionals.


Replacing, modifying, and installing RV furniture does not have to be stressful. With just the right furnishings, your vehicle can feel just like home no matter how far you go.

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