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Why is Everyone Moving to Texas & Should I Follow the Crowd?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 28 June 2017 20:03

Texas consistently ranks in the top 10 of the fastest growing states. In fact, 1,300,000 people have moved to Texas since 2010. Learn why so many people are relocating to Texas and decide if you should follow suit by discovering the major factors that continue to draw newcomers to the state each year.

Booming Job Market

Texas has more job openings than job seekers. If you are in the market for new career, you could find a job worth pursuing by relocating to this state. Publications like the Dallas News point out that some of the organizations looking for new talent include:

  • Allen Independent School District (Allen ISD)
  • Pioneer Natural Resources USA Inc
  • Capital One Financial Resources
  • Intel Security

The state's booming job market stands out as one of the major appeal factors behind moving to Texas.

Low Taxes

Texas has one of the lowest tax rates in the country. Residents only have to file federal income taxes and do not pay state income taxes.

They also do not have to pay taxes on food items with the exception of soda, candy, and a few select items. The state does not have to charge taxes on food or people's incomes because it has one of the healthiest economies in the country right now.

Relaxed Environment

People who move to Texas note that it has a low key atmosphere and relaxed environment that makes it easy to make friends and also in which to raise a family. The cultural emphasis throughout much of the state, even in major cities like Austin and Dallas, focuses on spending time with family and friends and helping out one's neighbor rather than keeping up with the rat race and appearances. When you want to live in a place that favors people over possessions, you may find Texas to be to your liking.

Home Buyer's Market

Finally, Texas is a buyer's market for people who want to buy or build a new home. The state has some of the lowest priced housing available in the U.S. If you’re interested in the market, get in contact with a real estate agent, like those at Re/Max Posh Properties.

It also has eased the process of applying for and getting permits to build new houses. If you find it difficult to afford a new home where you live now, you may fulfill your homeownership dreams by moving to Texas.

Thousands of out-of-state residents are moving to Texas each year. The state has many appeal factors that make it irresistible to people in search of a better way of life. Decide if these draws are worth moving to Texas yourself.

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