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Finding and repairing that annoying roof leak

Written by Posted On Monday, 10 July 2017 12:23

Roof leaks can be annoying in so many possible ways and can cause severe trouble to the householder. Roof leaks can cause the paint to decolor, and the dampness caused by it makes the leakage areas leave a foul smell. Thus, finding and repairing roof leaks is a must to do an activity. Finding roof leaks can be a little strategic. Most of the people fail to find the major leaking points and keep repairing the points other than the significant leakages due to which the results are not satisfactory, and the roofs keep on leaking.

Following are some steps you can follow to find the roof leaks and repair them afterward easily:


Finding the leakages:-


Look for leaks near wall joints, chimneys, and air vents:

Leakages mostly occur near the wall or roof joints. Chimneys and air vents are adjusted in the wall through forming joints in between, and hence there are more chances of leakages as compared to other places. You must carefully look for all jointed areas and chimneys. A sign of roof leak from the top of the ceiling is the blackish areas in case of concrete cement roofs. Concrete roofs get black from the outside where leakages occur.

Trace the wall and roof discoloration area to track leaks:

The stain of roof and walls can make it easier to locate the cracked areas of the roof which become the primary cause of leakages. You can mark the affected areas using some appropriate marker which would allow you to easily differentiate between the affected and unaffected areas. After that, you can apply the suitable repairing strategies on the affected areas.

Trace the roof cracks if any:

Roof cracks can cause serious leakages because they create more space in the roof and walls for the water to absorb through. They can also make the roof fall apart in case of severe rainstorms and hurricanes. Roof cracks can be repaired by applying the cement and fillers to fill in the roof and wall gaps. Rood cracks can also be marked for fixing after being detected.


Repairing the leakages:-


Taking precautionary measures:

First of all, you need to take precautions by wearing appropriate roof repairing suit and covering your body and hands properly before attempting to look for leaks and cracks. Precautionary measures also include covering the eyes using glasses specially designed for builders.

Applying repairing solutions:

Various kinds of leakages need different repairing solutions to be used. Then, you can decide the appropriate solution and need of repair solutions based on kind of leaks or cracks occurring in roofs. You need to apply the required repairing solution appropriately to see the useful results. This step needs to be done carefully to see the expected results.

Taking preventive measures:

A set of precautionary measures for roof leakages makes the ceilings prevented from getting leaked or affected again. These include using preventive roof solutions available in the market. An easy and cost-effective solution is to use plastic coverage from the top of the roof to prevent water getting absorbed in the roof and cause leakage. Applying water repellents mixed within the paints can also avoid roof leaks and decolorization of roofs and walls.

Roof leakage and repair is a serious issue for householders. The pre-mentioned steps can be proved helpful in allowing people to detect roof leakages and taking preventive steps on their own to keep their house leakage free. If your roof is Storm damaged in Ann Arbor Michigan and beyond repair then you need to get in touch with professional Roofing contractors for cost estimation of new roof.

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