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What’s My Charlottesville Home Value?

Written by Posted On Saturday, 15 July 2017 13:17
What's My Charlottesville VA Home Worth - Know the worth of your Charlottesville VA home with the help of Pam Dent. What's My Charlottesville VA Home Worth - Know the worth of your Charlottesville VA home with the help of Pam Dent.

Ready to put your home on the market?

Now that you’re ready to sell your Charlottesville property, the first thing you need to do is decide how much you are listing it for.

Perhaps you still remember how much you bought it for, but it has been many years since then, and the market has changed. The value of your home has also changed. It could have gone up or down depending on the real estate market trend in your area.

How will you know the value of your property?

Setting a price for your Charlottesville country property for sale can be difficult without knowing first what its current market value is, and there will be repercussions if you do not price your home correctly.

If you overprice, your property will likely stay on the market longer than you want it to. When it’s priced too low, you’ll lose money. You need to know your home’s worth before pricing it.

So how do you find out what your home’s value is? We often turn to the Internet to seek answers to questions that stump us. An online search will reveal that the most popular way for homesellers to know their home’s worth is through a home value calculator.

A home value calculator is an online tool that can determine your home’s worth when you provide the information it requires. It is fast, easy, convenient and free!

However, I hope you are not putting too much faith in the result any online home evaluator gives you.

Charlottesville VA Home Worth

Convenience vs Accuracy

Here are some reasons why.

1. Online home value evaluators use public data available to them to compare with recent home sales in your area, thus providing you with a general figure.

But don’t rely heavily even on the general figure provided because some places do not have recent sales record. So, how can a good comparison happen?

If you live in a place where there are cookie cutter homes, the home value can be easily calculated because the lot size, home size, age, and possibly even the amenities inside are similar. But when you live in a country home where lot sizes are big and homes have more living space, a lot more factors are to be considered before figuring out the value of your home.

2. Have you made any renovations to the home? Have you upgraded your kitchen? Did you add another bathroom?

Any improvements and upgrades you have made will not be included in the home value estimator, since the estimator was not able to view your home. All these upgrades are done inside the home, and would not be included in the  home evaluator’s estimate.

3. Only through a personal  visit with a listing agent will you get an accurate home value. This is because they will check  the comparables and active listings in the area, and adjust it according to the upgrades or renovations you have done to the home.

While it is true that the internet can provide an easy answer to your question of the value of your Charlottesville home for saleville home for sale, it is NOT accurate.

If we are to consider how crucial your home’s worth is, it is better to be accurate than to have convenience.

What's My Charlottesville VA Home Value

Where can you find an accurate evaluation?

This is where I can help.

I can give you with a free home valuation, and you are under no obligation to list with me.

As a REALTOR®, I have tools that can help you know the current market value of your home. For more information about me, my years of experience and my work, you can visit https://www.JumpIntoGreenerPastures.com/About-Us-Central-Virginia-Real-Estate/.

Selling your home?  Call me, Pam Dent, at (434)960-0161. Let me make this selling transaction the best you’ll ever have.


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