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How Can I Decorate My Small Office to Look Larger?

Written by Posted On Sunday, 16 July 2017 13:05
How Can I Decorate My Small Office to Look Larger? Hutch Is On Glass and Mirror

There are many reasons which might cause or force you to take a smaller room than what you feel is appropriate for you. Two of the primary reasons are; lack of finances to rent a big office or sometimes the building in which your office is located has small rooms.

Due to these and more reasons, you might end up in a small office against your will. The only option in such situations is learning how to make your small office look big. There are more ways to design your small room and make it look bigger than you can imagine. We will just have a look at some few in this content.

These ways of making your small office look larger include:

Use neutral or bright colors

Lighter colors like yellow, blue, or white give an impression of openness and ready to mingle. Dark colors, on the other hand, give a chocking feeling and an impression of closing in. Cool colors help in making the room brighter, and thus all corners of the room can be seen. To increase on the illumination, avoid using heavy curtains on the windows but rather use slatted window blinds to bring more light in the room. If you must use fabric, consider using lace curtains which are highly transparent.

Remove clutters and cluster like items together

It is one of the obvious ways to create more space. Items serving a related purpose should be stored together to maintain order. The process involves removing all the items which are in the office but they are not adding any economic value. They may have aesthetic value, but this can only be considered as value added in a place where space is not limited. Some of these clutters include decorative paintings on the wall, flower pots, other artificial and natural plants being displayed or grown within the room.

Select the furniture according to space available

These are the ones that consume the office space, and they should be chosen carefully. Avoid a big corner office desk especially the one with a wooden top. Consider buying a desk with a glass top since it increases transparency in the room. Also, furniture with raised legs will make the room appear bigger when compared to those which lie on the floor or create an enclosure where they stand. Consider using small chairs and desks which have raised legs in a small office.

Consider putting up a mirror if it is appropriate for you

Though a mirror may not fit in every office, it is worth mentioning that they help to reflect the light from lamps in the days when the weather is dull as well as reflect back light in the room in a brighter day. This makes the room look bigger by creating an illusion of infinity.

Make a beautiful ceiling

Putting a ceiling in a room makes it look unique and larger; ensure the colors used on the ceiling are bright colors too. A ceiling creates an impression that the room is big and tall and requires to be reduced.

Make a floor with easy to clean material

Dirt can make a place look clumsy and instead of using heavy carpets everywhere, consider using small rugs at your sitting area and then a very thin carpet in the rest of the spaces. The colors on the floor should complement the walls and reflect with the ceiling.

Use hanging shelves or a floor to ceiling shelf

These will help to free the space at which the shelves would be laying. Where possible store your files and documents in a digital format rather than having too many physical files. Wires serving the room with power and connectivity should be fixed to the wall rather than being left loose on the floor. You can paint the shelves with stripes to move the eyes of the on looker in a particular direction for a longer time. This will create an impression that the room is large.


Any action which can create additional space in a small office room should be undertaken. Try using symmetry in the room wherever possible or at least do not use too many colors. They can create a big contrast and eye conflicts. All the accessories and items used in the office should portray a stylish outlay. Unless it is unavoidable, do not use desk top lamps but rather use hanging lighting since most of the spaces above are free.

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