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Tips for Renting a Storage Unit for the First Time

Written by Posted On Monday, 17 July 2017 12:38

Renting a new storage unit doesn’t have to be strenuous as you think, although this decision may also depend on the self-storage company, nevertheless, the process can still be very straightforward. And if you are the type that is solely prepared and also made substantial inquiries about the process, renting a storage unit will definitely come very easy to you.

The self-storage facilities provide diverse storage services such as interior and outside storage; climate controlled storage units, as well as automobile storage.

Thus making an early decision on what to store, how long the storing process will last and most importantly, what should be the dimension of space needed to store the items, will in no doubt help you arrive at a very simple and straightforward storage renting practice. Similarly, it will also help you in making vital and useful inquiries from the storage experts.

It is, however, important to note that there a diverse factors to consider before making a final decision on storage renting, these includes; the extent of the storage unit, the cost as well as safety and protection.

Before arriving at the final decision of renting any storage unit, it is important you go round the storage facility. This will help you discover the safety measure put in place as well as the accessibility of the facility. This can be done by simply inspecting the facility’s surveillance cameras, and also ensuring that the facility is well organized, lit and fenced.

Taking these steps will help every new storage renter discovers the types and sizes of various storage units available for them.

What does it cost to Rent at the Storage Unit Space?

After discovering the types and sizes of the available storage units, the next thing you need to find out is the cost of renting a storage unit space; although, generally, the amount to pay for a storage unit will chiefly depend on the size and the type of storage unit.

It is also important during the rental stage to request for rental discounts from the storage professionals. This is because, a good number of storage facilities most times offer rental discounts in the categories of first-time discounts, military discounts, and a long-term or continuing storage discounts. The new storage renters on their part must know the available payment options and the rent conditions to be fulfilled before deciding to rent any storage unit. As a newbie storage renter, you are expected to know the categories of payment preferences a facility chooses. That is, it could be cash, cheque or credit card. In addition to this, some storage facilities also offer electronic payments. If this is true of your choice facility, connect with the manager in charge of the facility to help you set-up your online payment account.

Further to this, there are also some storage facilities that offer mobile apps payment options, which you can use for the rental payment for the facility and also manage such storage preferences using smart phones.

What Do You Need to Rent a Storage Unit?

There are some specific documents that are needed during the storage rental process, this include – a valid identity card, the current contact address as well as the evidence of insurance. You, as a storage renter, should also find out if the facility provides any sort of storage insurance. This is to be done to save you the time and hassle of having to confirm if your property insurance covers all the items in the storage unit. Furthermore, you should also find-out the lock-hours and the office hours, as well as some other additional and unique services that the storage facility offers its customers.

Packing for Storage Unit Rentals

Once you have finally rented a storage unit, the next step is to ensure that all your items are prepared and arranged for storage. Kindly consider these packing tips in keeping all items saved during storage, and as soon as the box is satisfactorily packed and firmly conserved using packing tape, you should make sure that each box is labeled before finally putting them in storage. Thereafter, use the labeling box system to develop a stock list.

Make sure that all unused tables and left over bed frames are loosened so as to have enough space in your storage unit. Also, when you are putting your items in the storage unit, it is important you arrange them well so there will be a passageway which will run from the middle to the back of the cheap storage unit San Antonio. With the storage passageway, you will be able to move freely in the storage unit when collecting or placing any items in the storage. Similarly, it is strongly advisable to put large appliances and electronics at the back and place all frequently needed items at the entrance or front of the storage for ease of access. And lastly, it is important you check your items time to time, specifically every two to three months to ensure that all packed items are still intact in their order of packed units. Doing this every few months will hence offer you the chance to shift or move regular items in the back of the storage unit to the front.

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