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Tire Pressure Gauge Review – 3 Types of Tire Pressure Gauge You Can Buy

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 01 August 2017 10:56

Maintaining your car is important if you want to make your car last as long as you want it to. Most people think that car maintenance only involves engine, fluids, and battery checks from time to time. It is also common notion to think that a car wash and some detailing can make a car last longer. Your car would be well maintained, yes, but if you forget about one crucial part of the car that also need maintenance, then everything you did is for naught — your vehicle’s tires.

Investing in a reliable tire pressure gauge is important to ensure the maintenance of your car and your safety. There are myriad reliable tire pressure gauge review websites you can search in the Internet to keep you guided on what to purchase for your cars.

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Coming from the experts’ mouths

You can choose from three options whenever you think about buying your own tire pressure gauge: pencil-type, digital, and analog.

-       Pencil-type Gauges

You can find these relatively cheap models in almost all stores that sell car accessories. They can range from as cheap as $5 to $8 per device. They are called as such because they very much resemble a pencil. When you use them, a stick marked with numbers comes out and will serve as your tire pressure indicator.

Many tire pressure gauge review sites discourage car owners from buying these cheap tire pressure gauges. For one, they are inaccurate and the info it generates can often be imprecise. Bottom line is that don’t be too cheap when it comes to maintaining something so valuable.

-       Digital Gauges

The best tire pressure gauge review sites recommend this kind of gauge. Though more expensive, these gauges are the best options, especially if you do not mind shelling out a little extra. They are very easy to use and generate accurate readings.

You can try Accutire’s MS-4021B or MS-4305B, which can cost you around $8 to $10 only. The data they post are very easy to read even in the dark since they are made with integrated LED light in them.

-       Analog Gauge

If you are the traditional type, then you can always choose an analog gauge. Among the three, analog gauges are said to be the most accurate and reliable. They are much harder to use but if you want to have the exact PSI measurements in our tires, then the difficulty of use is a very little price to pay.

You can try buying analog gauges like the Auto Meter 2343 Autogage or the Moroso 89560 Tire Pressure Gauge, which may be a little pricier but more reliable than most cheap gauges available.

Consisting mainly of air and rubber, tires may be some of the most simplistic parts of your car. However, given that these play a part in dictating how your vehicle grips the road, you should take good care of them. A little maintenance can go a long way in preventing vehicular mishaps.

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