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Looking for a New Home? 4 Benefits of Moving to a Place of Historic Significance

Written by Posted On Thursday, 10 August 2017 17:26

Communities all over America have established historic districts for preserving their local heritage. You may have previously rejected the idea of moving to a new home in one of these areas. People usually assume that it's too expensive, or involves special regulations, but there are several benefits.

It could be not only personally rewarding if you identify with the local culture, but there are several practical reasons, as well.

1. Increase Property Values

Unlike other homes, historic properties tend to increase in value even in bad economic times, and go up in value more rapidly when the economy grows. For example, Ybor City in Tampa, Florida, was a cigar-making district during the early 20th century and home to many Cuban immigrants.

Today, only 1 cigar factory remains, but the district has preserved its historic building facades and cobblestone streets. Ybor City's factories became trendy restaurants and nightspots, which continue to increase the value of surrounding homes.

2. Obtain Grants

There are both state and federal grant programs providing funds to historic homes and districts. This is part of a wide-spread dedication to America's history and culture. The amount can vary by where you live.

Communities like San Francisco, however, can obtain funding in many areas. The city has a rich and varied history. There are 189 separate properties on the state historic registry, and 18 of them are considered National Historic Landmarks, including Alcatraz, Cottage Row, the Chinatown Museum, and the USS Conestoga memorial.

3. Help the Community

There are some responsibilities of living in an historic home or district. You will generally be required to maintain the property or expected to take part in community initiatives to preserve the local heritage.

Consider Deerfield, Massachusetts, a small town of only about 5,200 people who live their own history. They've worked together to memorialize the 50 victims of the Deerfield Massacre of 1704. The result is a quaint, quiet community that can turn back the clock three centuries.

4. Enjoy Your Heritage

Being part of the same tradition and walking the same ground where history was made can be a source of inspiration and pride. Lafayette, Indiana, now includes no less than eight different historic districts. Local culture dates back to 1717. Prominent realtors like Coldwell Banker Shook specialize in selling historic properties throughout the area.

Take the time research American history, and you will find an atmosphere that appeals to you. Buying an historic home there provides some surprising benefits.

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