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4 Reasons Why It Might Be Time For a New Roof

Written by Posted On Friday, 11 August 2017 09:21

Getting a new roof is something that most homeowners don’t like to think about.  For one reason on another, they are worried about the cost.  I mean, who isn’t conscious about the money needed for a major home improvement project? Another reason is that homeowners may be unaware of what work needs to be done. 

In some cases, it might be re-shingling a section of the roof, while in other cases, the damage might be so bad that all new trusses need to be installed.  Either way, many owners prefer to banish the thought of a new roof until it is absolutely necessary. 

However, you don’t need to live in denial. This article will review four reasons why it might be a time for a new roof.  This way, you will be able to spot a small issue before it becomes a big problem – and in the process, save thousands of dollars.

  1. Balding

I bet you thought that only men lose their hair. Well, the balding we are talking about is when the roof begins to wear thin in spots. This might be due to exposure or extreme weather. Neglecting these ‘bald’ spots increases the likelihood that water will get below the surface of the roof.  This can be disastrous, as water damage does not only imply that you will need to replace the roof itself, but also the sub roof, the insulation, and maybe even the trusses.

As you can imagine, this can be a relatively easy fix and you can turn it into a major home renovation project – one which might cost $10,000 or more. Don’t let this happen to you.  As soon as you notice bald spot, you will want to call a roofing professional to help you figure out the best way to address the situation. If you put it off, then you could be looking at a whole roof replacement project.

  1. Keeping Up with the Jones’

Ok, this might be more of a vanity project, but if several of your neighbors are updating their roofs, and you are planning to sell your home in the coming months, then you might want to consider installing a new roof.

While this means that you will need to pay for the new roof before you sell your home, the result is that it will add thousands to the value of the property. This also means that the new owners will not need to consider a new roof for 10 or 15 years or longer.  As such, getting a new roof just because your neighbors are doing it might not be such a bad idea after all.

Another plus is that you will have a chance to witness the work of the roofers in your area and this will give you the opportunity to pick the best one for your home.

  1. All Clogged Up

Have you noticed that the amount of debris and clutter on your roof is increasing? Well, this might be a sign that the condition of your roof is beginning to deteriorate. You see, the older the roof is, the less it is able to defend itself against debris. The result is that leaves, branches, and even moss build up on your roof.

Over time, this clutter can trap moisture and may even result in bigger challenges. Take this as a clue that it is time to act.

  1. All Curled Up

We all like to curl up with a good book, but roof curling is not a good thing. This happens when your roof shingles are simply worn out from exposure to the elements. As such, you need to start thinking about replacing the worn-out shingles with fresh ones. 

The same is true if you start to see buckling, because this can lead to even bigger problems down the road. It should be clear by now that your roof works to keep your house secure and dry. But, if the shingles are curled and buckling, then moisture will have an opportunity to get inside.  The lesson here? If you notice a problem, act on it. Any delays could break the family budget and force you to cancel the family vacation.

There you have it.  Four reasons why it might be a time for a new roof.  Now hurry up and run outside to check your roof.  If you find any of these issues, then it might be time to do something about it.

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