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Setting up Security Systems upon Moving

Written by Posted On Friday, 11 August 2017 17:12

While shifting to a new house is a hectic process with certain apprehensions in your mind like what if things lost while moving or items have to be dismantled and then rearranged. Not only this but moving the equipments of your security system to your new house and assembling them again is of great concern. Here are some tips which will ensure easy reinstallation of your alarm system after moving to a new place.  

Before You Move

Start with assembling all the parts at one place. Original packaging parcel is considered to be the best option to keep sensors and pieces together in place. Even if you do not have them, you can simply use a rubber band or Ziploc baggies to pack them together neatly and in order. Secondly, you must call your monitoring company to update them about your latest address. You can also request for a moving packet. Many companies offer a moving packet with Velcro adhesive which allows you to carry your security equipments safely.  In the interim, don’t forget to turn off battery while moving. Moreover, remove adhesive/ hardware from your former home’s walls.

When You’re Ready to Re-Install

Don’t delay

While, setting up your new home, reinstalling the alarm system is one of the most important things to do so that one can ensure that we are not susceptible to security threats, especially since new residents are more prone to house break. So, try to install the equipments as early as possible. Also, inform your nearby police and fire station about your new residence.

Scope out a location for your control pad

As, we very well understand that the control panel of the system should be saved from the intruder. You can keep it in a home office or kitchen counter or closet with a plug. Make certain the antenna has a powerful signal, in case your monitoring services are cellular.

Lay out everything you need before you call

Before, placing a call to an executive or advisor, you must lay all the items in a defined manner so that you can easily find things when needed and to tell the installer exactly what you need. Hold a pen and note down points. It will help you save your time and be organised while installing security system.

Install the newer sensors in the high-risk areas first 

You may like to learn more that the new sensors tend to be more sensitive as compared to the old ones due to fresher batteries. So you must place them in areas which are more vulnerable and have high traffic in the area. In your new home, think out of the box. We very well know that not all the times burglar enter in to your house after knocking the door. Scrutinise every corner of the house carefully to identify places which a burglar can use to break in to your house like windows, front and back doors or even neighbourhood. This way you are covered in case anything happens to the new sensors. 

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