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Home Security Tips to Prevent Theft

Written by Posted On Saturday, 12 August 2017 12:31
Home Security Tips to Prevent Theft Wikimedia Commons

A home is the first place where you should put all the security measures you can think of since a lot of your physical wealth is at that location. Also, it is the only place you can retreat to in case the surrounding environments gets hostile. , there are some factors which you can put into consideration to ensure that the place is theft proof

Home security tips to prevent theft include:

Installation of surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are devices which record what is happening in real time. They are installed strategically at the entrance or an appropriate hidden place. A monitor screen or a phone application is connected to the camera so that the digital information recorded is relayed to you at the right time.

Some cameras are thermo-graphic sensitive, and they can thus sense a person even in the darkest nights; they require no level of lighting to capture an image but rather use heat energy. Thus installing a CCTV device will enable you to prevent theft by combating their efforts on time. The thieves will also shy away from targeting those homes which have surveillance cameras installed

Having a fence around your compound

Thieves always exploit weaknesses of any situation, leaving your home without a fence is a vulnerability that can make the burglars thinks about it as an easy target. Consider putting up an electric fence, stone wall, a live fence or a combination of all the appropriate fencing materials. A fence makes monitoring easier, for example in an electric fence, any interference is reported and sensed immediately and appropriate actions are taken on time.

Installing an alarm system

A security team response mostly backs an alarm system. Thus, you can install alarms at your home so that when you sense people are trying to get unauthorized access, you raise the alarm. They might run away when they hear the alarm and realize that they have been seen; in case they decide to carry on the security team will get them before they execute their mission.

Putting up security lighting system

One of the main things a thief tries to hide is his/ her identity. Having a clear lighting system in all the appropriate places will give the thief a hard time or completely discourage him/her from trying to steal. You should ensure that the driveways are fully lighted; the wiring system should be concealed or hidden so that thieves do not cut the wires, back your lighting system with solar lights.

There should be enough lighting around the whole compound. Do not follow a pattern of switching on and off the lights but rather do it randomly and even some times leaving the lights on throughout the night.

Manage visibility

Thieves do not execute their plans blindly, they do some preliminary research, and they use any pointers to decide on where to steal and where not to steal. Try not to expose visible evidence of new purchases or prior preparations that will indicate you are likely to receive money or valuable assets in a particular time in future.

Keep valuables under a key and lock system even if you use a corner desk with shelves. Make sure your front door is clear from any obstacles. The main principle is that you should expose the least amount of information which can be used against you by the thieves.

Restrict access

If there is no restricted access to your home or compound, there is a high probability that it will be a soft target for the thieves. To curb this, ensure that the identity of those people accessing your premises is known and in a case of doubt, no access should be allowed.


An equal amount of weight put for in house security should also be put on the outside. Thieves also target garages and shed too. Ensure that the appropriate measures are put in place for guarding the valuables outside the house. You can have a security guard or a dog to deter or discourage un-necessary entry into your compound.

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