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Tips about Prevention of Ice Dams

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 16 August 2017 09:26

The countries with where the final winter season brings snow fall have the most vulnerable roofing structure. The reason behind the statement is that people ignore maintaining their roof in cold climate that results from massive ice buildups near the gutters. These ice dams not only block the flow of water but also create other problems such as leakage and damaged shingles. The only option leaves are spending money on repairing the damage. However, you can reduce the tendency of significant damage to your roof with some basic steps and tips. It is important to protect the roof so the damage could not extend towards the framing and the walls. Remember that protecting the material of roof means working on insulation, frames, walls and other parts of the ceiling.

The first thing about prevention for you is to understand the procedure of ice dams’ formation so you can think about the strategies of repair. The first thing you need to know is that the ice dams build on the gutters that clog the drain spouts and do not give any way of water to flow out. The water then drops down and leaks into the attic that creates more problems such as toxic mold on the roof and high humidity in the house.

There are certain factors behind these build-ups such as the heat that melts the snow and turns into water. The blocked heat cannot enter the house with the massive build-ups, and it further causes the ice to melt. The roof where there is no proper way of insulation and direct ventilation suffer more from these kinds of problems.

What should we do if we are not ready for such roofing issues? Following tips would help you avoid the ice build-ups. You first need to ensure that the roof is insulated properly. Hire one of the best roofing contractors in Brownstown Michigan for inspection of the R-value of your roof. The proper R-value ranges between R-49-r-60. There should be fiberglass batts of 14 inches of length. You also need cellulose and open-cell spray foam for your roof. The house owners who have blown-in fiberglass should have it with 20 inches of length for achieving R-49. Make sure that the attic ventilation is covering the top plates of exterior walls of the house. Other tips include following steps.

Ensure the seals are lock and if not then use cement for sealing them. Insulate the duct work of the roof for maintaining it. Tell the roofing professional to ventilate the eaves of the ceiling and also work on the ridge baffles. Make sure that the attic hatch is properly sealed. The exhaust vents installed in the house should not run through the soffits outside. If there are recessed lights, then you need to replace them for reducing the heat generated in the area of the roof. If you want to determine protection, then you have to make sure that the ceiling insulated with the requirements of the house building code.

Call a Professional Service Provider:

The need of calling a professional arises at a time when you do not know how to handle the situation. It is not in the capacity of an average man to remove the ice or the water on the roof as the surface can be slippery. Protecting one’s life is possible through adopting the right strategy. You need to spend some amount of money for the expert to inspect the roof and repair it according to the need. There should be no compromise on improving as delaying or ignoring the responsibility can lead to more damage.

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