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After spending a fortune buying a home, it important to note that every once in a while there would be a need to do a couple of DIY projects in that house to be sure the house is maintained.

This could involve installing a fence, building out a greenhouse, building a garage (if the house doesn’t have one already), building a patio or some pieces of patio furniture.

Whatever the project might be, once it involves some sort of constructions, note that there are some power tools which would be very essential. So essential that without them, the project may not be a success. It is also important to understand these tools and know the basics about their usage and maintenance before you go out to purchase them.

In today’s article, we would be discussing some really great power tools that are quite necessities in the construction industry. So here we go.



When snow days come by (and white walkers return), the snow blower is you guy for sure. This power tool saves you the stress and pain of running a manual work to clear off snow, like using a shovel. With a snow blower you are just sure to complete snow-clearing in no time. Any home with a snow blower will definitely understand how easy and efficient it is to clear snow with this power tool. There are buying guides available for choosing the right snowblower if you have the time, but in case you don’t here are some quick tips.

1. The primary types involve the electric, single-stage, two-stage and three-stage types, and the magnitude of your task should determine the type to buy. I.e You have to choose the type of snow blower which would work best for the amount of snow you may be working with and terrain of your location.
2. Go for the ones with adjustable speed to give you a better control over the work.
3. The width of the clearing unit represents the length of the area it can clear at a go. Before purchasing a snow blower with a wider clearing width, the size (width) of the driveway has to be considered.
4. Ensure the unit is flexible so the operator can switch directions easily to clear the snow better.
5. Ensure it feature a headlight for safer work in dark areas or at night. 
6. Ensure it stops when the trigger is release to reduce the risk of hazard.



This is a very powerful tool used for cutting any type of material. It is used for cutting woods and even harder materials like metals. If your DIY project involves the use of metals then you don’t need to worry about cutting them. With this power tool, you are sure to be right on top of your game. It can conveniently replace any other type of saw if they are not within reach. In as much as this tool is so efficient, it needs to be handled with extreme care as the blade is not protected when in use, hence, could be hazardous. You may check out the best circular saw reviews to learn more about this tool.
1. Helps in making crosscuts on woods.
2. Powerful enough to cut metals, concretes, natural stones.
3. Serves as a substitute in the absence of other saws.


When it is about furniture assembling, cabinet construction, general woodworks or drilling and boring, then a drill is the best guy for the job. This tool gives you all the power to bore into stones and metals. It serves as a device for installing giant piece of artwork onto your home walls for an alluring look. The tool can be corded or cordless, but the cordless drill is the more convenient and is highly recommended. Most cordless drills have lightweight universal motors which is the motor of choice for most hand held tools, from Hair clippers, electric screwdrivers, sanders to simple hand-held sewing machines. Any tool that needs to be lightweight while supporting high-speed operations, delivers better with a lightweight universal motor.
1. It conveniently replaces a screwdriver in screw driving tasks. WARNING: using a drill for screw-driving tasks would make you never go back to a screw driver again!
2. It has a chuck that grabs the bit firmly throughout any task you have employed it for.
3. It gives you the privileged to monitor the battery level through a battery gauge display so you can ascertain how much power you have left and then manage your project more efficiently.
4. There are drills that are designed to run under water. With this kind of drill, you can handle any under-pool fix and installation. You can do this without having the tools damaged as the tools is water resistant.
5. Some drills are designed lightweight to support use on ladder and other high points such as working on a masts, building a tree houses, or installing gutters and gutter guards on roofs.



For woodworks, pottery-crafts or metal-works, a lathe is a necessary power tool to own. I say it is so great because it can be used to create and design beautifully-adorable, pottery and artistic sets of furniture. A wise homeowner who loves DIY and also understands the value of high quality handmade decors will definitely invest in a lathe. 
The lathe features a stationary and secure base for the wood to be places on. The base spins the wood while the craftsman uses other hand tools to craft designs onto the material to form a desired shape. A good example of a lathe can be a potter’s wheel.
1. There are basically two types of lathes. The metal and wood lathes. Wood lathes are primarily used for woodworks, but metal lathes may be adopted for some multifunction purposes. Considering the above, a craftsman who works on both materials may purchase a metal lathe.
2. Also consider the space in your workshop before proceeding to buy a lathe as some lathes are quite large.
3. Lathes have the power source to be primarily electricity. This type is more suitable for home DIY construction projects.
4. Bench-tops mounted power lathes are quite efficient, but note that there are portable models that support outdoor use for a more free operation and versatility.


Just as the name implies, a Crusher is a power tool used for breaking any big mass of an object into smaller pieces. It is employed in stone constructions like construction of stone walkways. It helps to break large stones into smaller pieces to be used in beautifying the walkway. This power tool is also used by recycling companies in breaking objects into smaller piece for recycling. The tool features two heavily built parts that press the objects to be crush so hard till it breaks.
1. Serves as a tool to break up rocks into smaller pieces for your projects. Be it fountain designing, walkways sides, or garden beautification.
2. Used in breaking up large objects to prepare them for recycling. Every single recycling company owns this power tool.
3. Save you more stress in general.


A sander features an abrasive sandpaper surface that makes it most important part. The power tool is used for smoothening wooden surfaces. When running a woodwork project like building out a new furniture, a disc sander would be handy. Disc sanders are usually table mounted, and they can be adjusted to suit different sizes of materials depending on the materials’ thickness. As long as the operator knows what he wants to achieve, he can adjust the positioning for it to be achieved. Disc sanders are usually air compressor powered. Except otherwise stated. You can also get a combination sander that has both a belt and a disc in the same machine to save some money
1. The disc sander serves a great deal in reducing the size of objects wooden or plastic.
2. Does the work of other Sanders conveniently and efficiently.
3. Allows for adjustment in other to serve the operator better.


A Belt Sander is another sanding power tool used for surfaces smoothening too. It is mostly designed to be handheld allowing the operator reach parts a disc sander may never be able to reach. The good side of this power tool is that it also comes in cordless models this enables an operator to take it on an outdoor project without being bothered about power. With a full charge, a belt sander with a powerful Lithium Ion battery may run 18hours uninterrupted. Do check out the best sander reviews online to aid your purchase decision.
1. Supports outdoor projects use for operators. This could be furniture assembling, wooden fence construction, a giant table construction or even a kids-playhouse construction.
2. Supports overhead tasks and tough projects. Being a very lightweight power tool, a belt sander can be used on overhead work points unlike the disc sander which is usually static or fixed to a point.
3. Also serves as a smoothening device for plastic works.


This is a power tool used for cutting object into desired shapes and sizes. It features metallic hinged jaws for grabbing and cutting the objects to be cut and a holder that hold the already cut pieces. Over the years, this power tool has revolutionized from models and types into better models and types. The older models are powered mechanically by flywheels, but in recent times, the new models are powered with a hydraulic cylinder. This makes the newer models safer than the older models. For projects that may involve heavy metals that need to be cut up, this power tool would be handy.
1. If you have to cut some really heavy metals during your project, this power tool is definitely your call.
2. This tool will support your outdoor projects as it is moveable. Most of them come with tires.
3. It may look quite technical trust me it is one of the easiest power tools to use.



The band saw is an incredibly powerful tool really paramount in woodworks. With a band saw, an operator can have full control over his crafting tasks like making a carved-out design from a piece wood., making an abstract shape from a piece wood, or carving different types of angles from a piece wood. Some band saws can be automated also. With the automated type an operator can setup a pattern to be carved and the tool would do the work. The band saw is made up of wheels, usually two or three, rotating a partly thin blade attached to the wheels. With this tool, there is almost nothing an operator cannot carve out from a piece wood.
1. The band saw is needed in cutting shape from a material
2. Can be used to cut out thinner pieces from a piece of lumber.
3. Can be used to cut metal, all you need is to attach the right blade.
4. It can serve as a substitute for wood cutting and trimming when a regular saw is not reachable.


There has been a lot of controversies on which tools exactly are diamond tools. Any power tool whose part (especially the cutting part) is made from diamond is a diamond tool. These tools are used for cutting ANY MATERIAL that is so tough it can’t seem to be cut with all the power tools tried. With a diamond tool, even a Diamond which is one of the planet’s hardest elements is easily cut into pieces.
1. Diamond tools are used to grind glass and metals, also to polish mirrors.
2. They serve as a tile cutter substitute in cutting extremly hard stone tiles.
3. Diamond tools are used in sharpening the cutting parts of other power tools.
4. This power tool is quite expensive, but it has more value over time because diamond power tools are usually very durable.


The sledge hammer, also called the demolisher, is a tool that is used to demolish structures. It shows its power and effect when there are some heavy duty demolitions to be carried out in the cause of a project. It is also used to drive big wedges into woods and stones. It can be used to break up stones or concretes. Not only that, this tool can be used as a substitute for driving huge nails when the fitting nail gun isn’t available.
The sledge hammer has these basic factors:
1. A sledge hammer consists of two parts. The driving side and the handle. The driving side is made of metal while the handle can be a strong wood. However, sledge hammers with metal handle are more recommended as the wooden handle could get broken.
2. The driving side of all sledgehammers features a wedge side and flat side. The flat side is used for driving in materials into surfaces while the wedged side is used for breaking structure.
3. The wooden or metallic handle is often long, thick and firm enough to absorb the driving force of the impacts.


The nail gun is a high end power tool used for driving nails into surfaces during construction projects. They come is types and these different types are suitable for different purposes.
The Power Actuated nail gun is a highly specialized nail gun used for hard tasks like driving nails into stones metals and concrete.
The Pneumatic nail gun is the type of nail gun powered by air compressors, hence they are fit for not-too-demanding tasks and may not be suitable for very tough tasks.
The cordless nail guns are the nail gun powered by a rechargeable battery. The best types are the ones powered by a Lithium Ion battery. They are fit for high end task as well as light DIY around the house.
Whichever type of nail guns it may be, here are common features to look out for.
1. Whatever power source the nail may have, it would drive the motor.
2. The bits can be changed to adapt different sizes of nails.
The tool’s firing mechanism is stalled until the nail gun is pressed against the surface to be nailed. This is intended to reduce nail guns hazards for safety purposes


The reciprocating saw is a power tool that enables a DIYer run any sawing and ripping task seamlessly. It is strong enough to rip stones apart as long as the operator attaches the right blade. With the reciprocating saw, the ability of an operator extends to unthinkable tasks such as cutting a 5 inches wide metal, cutting a concrete block, and dividing metallic aluminums for different installations.
1. The reciprocating saw is one tool that cannot be neglected when it comes to removing old wooden structures during renovation.
2. It is also an engineer's partner in metal works, when it comes to cutting up metal for building a structure to be installed. Like a vent or overhead gates.
3. When savaging wood for some reasons, the reciprocating saw can aid in cutting off nails from woods.



The rotary reciprocating saw has long been employed in the medical world for high severity surgeries and operations, but today the same tool or let's say the same kind of tool has become the craftsman’s buddy for crafts works and DIY projects. In crafts world, the rotary reciprocating saw is mainly used for cutting materials that can’t be easily cut by other cutting tools, especially material with rounded sides. The rotary reciprocating saw is built specifically for tasks like this. It is features a blade that rotates round a fixed axis which is attached to the motor. Hence the name, rotary reciprocating saw.
1. It becomes the only solution when the material to be cut is too hard for other power tools. Or not structured well enough to be handled by a reciprocating saw.
2. Though a reciprocating saw is also a powerful tool, a rotary reciprocating saw with really strong blade can outwork a reciprocating saw. This is evident when cutting up 10 inches metals.


With a pneumatic torque wrench, your fastening and unfastening task is already have way done. You may have experienced the difficulty of fastening big nuts even with the use of some unfitting power tools. With this pneumatic torque wrench power tool, ease is always the case. It features a high torque motor that rotates its bits for your tasks to be completed seamlessly. It is used when fastening or unfastening bolts. It is also used when speed and ease is on the call.
1. It is used to install bolts in sensitive machine parts that need secure tightening.
2. When the work being done requires tight bolts, it provides the extra force to make them really tight.
3. Used for removing stuck lug nuts and bolts. When wielded bolts or rusted lug nuts need to be removed you may think of a sledge hammer or some other funnier tools at first but the truth is a pneumatic torque wrench does the work more efficiently, effectively and with an Impressive speed.



An air compressor runs with a mechanical motor that converts power to energy that comes as compressed air. This air is then used as energy for power tools such as a disc sander or a nail gun. It simply converts these tools to pneumatic tools. They also be used as a source for air for tasks requiring air. Like pumping car tires etc.
1. An air compressor must be portable to support easy movement to spots of work.
2. It features a pressure switch to enable control over the amount of pressurized air in the chamber. This helps to prevent air going over the limits, thus preventing hazard.
3. It features a drainage valve, plus an air filter that helps drain water and control the moist content of the power tool. This goes a long way in ensuring durability of the tool.
4. Make sure the air compressor you go for has a thermal overload protection to prevent engine overheat.


When your project involves woodworks, there a number of woodworking tools that would be very necessary. This involves a sanding tool, be it a disc sander or a belt sander. Sanding tools in their effectiveness help an operator achieve a smooth surface on their woodwork projects. They produce the best results when used before assembling the parts of the furniture. There is usually a need to sander a wide sheet of wooden board for some sort of projects. Such task may not be efficiently handled with a belt sander. For a task like this, you would be needing a hand-held compact sander. One of the best types is the Random Orbital Sander.
1. The random orbital sander features a base that vibrates while power tool rotates it in random circles. This way it covers a large part of the work area while giving a perfectly smooth surface and better finish than the regular sander.
2. This sander comes with a dust bag that collect the dust while an operator works. This helps leave the workshop clean of dust after long hours of sanding.
3. Perfect for broader work areas. With just a little pressure on the tools it goes on to completely sand a very wide spread of work area in the shortest period of time. It also doesn’t leave marks on the surface of the work point.


This is a heavy duty power tool that is used in big constructions. It features a chain covered with over lapping teeth that make up its blade. The chain saw power tool runs on gas motor. Though some run on electric, the gas powered are more ideal as they supply the right power for the heavy duty tasks required of the tool. These tool might look tough to handle but trust me, with some smart and the right protective gears, this tools can be operated by anyone.
1. The chainsaw is fit for cutting big logs of wood into smaller usable pieces.
2. If your project is in the woods, this tools can be a great partner as it is used for felling trees and shrubs.
3. If the over growing branches or your ornamental trees are getting annoying, you may use this tool to get rid of them. This will leave your tree looking tall and standing beautifully.



If you want to do some cutting that requires a longer reach, you may want to look at a tool like a pole saw. A pole saw is a powered/rotating saw, attached to a fixed or telescoping pole and power unit (electric or gas), that is designed to reach and cut plants and trees from distances further away from the operator than a regular handheld saw or chainsaw. Average lengths for a pole saw are between 10 to 15 feet, or 3 to 4 metres. Some pole saws can even be detached from the pool so you can use them as a mini chainsaw. This way, they can be a 2 in 1 tool which makes them great value.
1. The pole saw can cut materials at an extended distance which short armed cutting tools can't reach
2. You can get 2 in 1 pole saws that double as a chainsaw
3. Landscapers and those looking to tidy up or modify their garden will find it useful



When it comes to DIY, nothing is unlikely. Even your drive way may require a fix at a pinot. For Projects like this, some heavy duty power tools are required. A concrete saw is its power can cut through thick heavy concrete smoothly, and can also cut other material like stones, bricks and tiles. This power tool mostly run with an electric motor or a gas motor. Whichever it is, the tool is always sure to get your concrete projects smooth and running.
1. When fixing a driveway and there is a need to cut up the concrete flooring, or make some sorts of impact on the concrete for some reasons, the concrete saw is the best option.
2. It serves as a replacement for the regular saw when not within reach.
3. A few models of this tool can be automated reducing the stress in operation.


You may check vTIMEout prize competitions. There is an ongoing power tools competition for 14 DeWalt power tools combo. If you have the heart for competitions, then check it out, put the few pounds and keep your fingers crossed. Their competitions are legitimate and vTIMEout offers the best competitions in the UK.



A grinding machine is power tool used for smoothening the surface of a material when carrying out a DIY project. It is employed during finishing to give a polish and blemish free look to the work. This work could be stone work, woodwork, or even metal. Grinding tools comes in various types and models designed for specific applications. This needs to be considered when picking a one to purchase. Here are a few thing to look out for when picking a Grinding tool.
1. The grinder should feature at least a 13-AMP motor. This would make it really powerful.
2. It should have a great handle grip for good control.
3. It must be lightweight, weighing 6 pounds max.
4. It should be able to grinds wood and metal effectively without issues.


This is a power tool used in joining woods together. It works in a really interesting way. Two woods to be joined together are put together and a crescent shape is made in the middle where they are to be joined using a circular saw. After this, a crescent shaped biscuit with glues on it sides is placed in the middle of the woods to join the two piece of woods. After the biscuit is dried, the woods get firmer.
The DEWALT DW682K is quite a favorable model of biscuit joiner. It is love it because it also delivers very accurate cuts with durable fit.
1. Versatile and light, It should also have a good grip to support long work periods.
2. Very great for edge-to-edge immediate joints and perpendicular joints.
This power tool, biscuit joiner, is a genius invention, and till date it makes wood joining easy and less stressful. An operator who wants a firmly joined wood in his DIY project will definitely need a biscuit joiner.


Sanders are power tools used by woodworker to smoothen the surface of their crafts works. This power tool is designed to efficiently remove all forms of scratches and blemishes form the surface of woods. Sanders can be handheld like the random orbital sander or bench mounted like the disc sander. Whichever be the case, they all have abrasives which is the actual thing that does the sanding work. The handheld sander is more suitable for finishing tasks. Which ever sander one may decide to get depends on the type of project at hand. 
1. Note that the best sanders have firm abrasive grip to stop the abrasive from falling off during work.
2. If it is a disc sander note that it is powered with an air compressor. Hence getting a reliable air compressor would be a good idea. But regular sander are either electric powered or battery powered.
3. Ensure the sander features an ergonomic handle to reduce the effect of too much handling.
4. The sander must feature a dust canister to hold the dust while working.
5. The dust canister must be easily detachable to support fast emptying.


This is a destructive power tool used mainly for cutting up materials and structure for some reasons. It is also called a reciprocating saw. With this saw, the heavy tasks of cutting up concrete and metals have finally found their match because this tool would cut them up in a bit. All you need is to attach the right blade. It does the work in a way other saws may not be able to accomplish it. It goes in and out cutting the target deeper with every single move. It can be employed when tearing down an old wooden shoe rack, when tearing down rock to build something from the pieces or when cutting up a lock whose key is missing.
1. There is the heavy duty sabre saw and the lightweight sabre saw. Always go for the heavy duty saw if the intended task would heavy duty.
2. There are the electric powered corded sabre saw and the battery powered cordless sabre saw. The cordless sabre saws are designed to be portable.
3. The switches are often trigger switches that are depressed during operation. Some models feature a lock-in key that enables an operator lock-in a setting so the tool keeps using that setting till it is changed. This way the operator has less stress operating the tool.
4. A sabre saw is powered by a motor. So go for the ones with strong motors.
5. As written above, the blade is what does the main work, so be sure to get an incredible blade for your sabre saw.


The Ceramic tile cutter is a manual tool designed specifically for tile cutting. It is built to cut tiles into desired shapes and sizes. The power tool’s cutter is made from carbide tungsten which makes it efficient enough to cut through any quality of tile by creating a weak line that ends up creating a separation. Talking about home DIY projects, this power is quite needed at the tiles installation phase. It would definitely go a long way in making this phase hitch free.

1. Gives the ability to cut any shape for your flooring designs, and wall tiles installations.
2. They can also be used as a measurement piece to measure the tile and be sure of accuracy.
3. In general, it makes your work really easy, less stressful and fast. Considering the short period of time it takes to cut the tiles.



Angle grinders show their value with respect to metalwork and fundamental development ventures. Construction projects like building a rack or gazebo or new metal door handle in the house would not be completed without a good Angle grinders. It removes rust, cuts metal to the size you require for your work, clean, and rid unpleasant burrs and blemishes from metal. There are some essential things to consider, notwithstanding, before picking the best Angle grinders for your home use.
1. Corded or cordless? The portability of the tools depends on this, as cordless angle grinders support outdoor use and are easier to be moved around.
2. Consider the safety, power and speed features of the particular angle grinder you may be considering.
3. The disc size is also important when checking for a good angle grinder because it determines how huge the grinder needs to be.
4. Grinders with double speeds are more convenient. A lower speed may be used for lower demanding tasks and the high speed for higher demanding tasks.
5. An extra handle is a must to help an operator have full control of the tool during work.



You may decide to clean up spills with a floor brush and a wipe, yet it is notable that a vacuum cleaner will make this task more effectively and faster for you. This is the reason picking the correct brand for the home ought to be considered important. Before settling on the decision of best vacuum cleaner, you ought to consider the below.
1. The size of the house to be cleaned. This is because a simple handheld cleaner will be good for a small one-room apartment, but will be horribly insufficient in cleaning several rooms with a large area.
2. The nature of the surfaces to be cleaned matters too. Carpeted surfaces will befit a wet deep cleaner, while wooden surfaces will have a different need. It is important to get a cleaner that will not damage your floors.
3. The vacuum cleaner’s capacity will determine how long you may work before having to empty cannister. The filtration system helps to see that the dirt is not trapped in the machine.
4. The types of vacuum cleaners include, handheld, canister vacuums, upright vacuums with wheels, bagged and bagless cleaners. All these types have models which come in different sizes & capabilities.

Note: There are also heavy duty floor cleaners used mostly by big companies. These are called Industrial Floor Cleaners. The heavy duty Industrial Floor Cleaners are quite ideal for high end cleaning tasks as they are designed to give little or no stress to the operator while completing a wider range of task in a shorter period of time.


This power tool is used for cutting wall narrow grooves for electric wires or similar items to be passed in the wall. When running an electrical work in the home, a wall chaser is definitely needed for cutting grooves. It not only creates grooves, it is also used in decoration & remodeling work, to make spots for the decorative items.
1. It must come with a dust holder or extractor to help collect the dust that the work generates while cutting through surfaces. This ought to be the primary selling point of the dust holder/extractor in view.
2. The tool should be fast, this would make the grooves neat and straight. Note that clumsy wall chasers will only create unpleasant work.


When a construction project involves cutting really hard materials like stones, metals, bricks, rocks or tile, a Steel Cut Off Saw can be a good power tool to aid the cutting task. This power tool does not merely cut a material, it gives the desired precision and measurement. The steel cut off saw is actually an abrasive saw specifically used to cut through hard surfaces. It features an abrasive rotating plate of disc that serves as the cutting edge. With every rotation, this power tool cuts deeper into a surface.
1. With a cut off saw, cutting into hard materials is a piece of cake, you do not need those old fashioned and heavy manual saws.
2. It does not get stuck in the material it is cutting. This is because it features a rotating disc and not a set of cutting teeth.
3. This saw is so multi-purpose and versatile as it can cut virtually into any hard surface.


A rotary tool is an awesome piece of power machinery designed for tough and high end construction projects. It features a rotating tip that accepts attachments or bits of various types. Whatever attachment is placed in the tip determines what it is at that point of operation, this is why the tool is simply called a rotary tool. An attachment can be added to turn it from a sander to a drill or to any cutting tool. It is quite an excellent alternative to purchasing a number of expensive power tools.
1. The multipurpose nature and versatility makes it a thumbs up for construction tasks.
2. It is quite mini sized and portable, and this gives the operator the privileged to use it in tiny spaces and various parts of the house. This is not the case with bulky tools that need permanent spaces in other to run.
3. Maintenance is cheap. All you need to do is lubricate the tool often. This would ensure optimal performance. Also be sure to always use the right attachment for a task.
4. It can run as a sander to polish metal and remove rust & blemish, it can run as a cutter for cutting tasks, or even a drill as long as the right attachment is attached.


When it comes to gardening, a serious home farm owner will do well to have a rotovator. The power tool features rear tine tiller blades that carry out the work of tilling and aerating the earth by digging into it from a number of angles and churning it up. For more info on a the best rotovator, see this rear tine tiller reviews.

1. The planting period is usually followed by a lot of work, but with a rotovator, the work of tiling is over.
2. This power tool tills more effectively than what any manual tool would have accomplished.
3. The rotovator give 0% stress as it features a wheels and a handle for easier mobility.
4. As long as a good choice of rotovator is made and purchased, it is a lifetime-guaranteed tool that delivers equal value to the cost.



A heat gun is a power tool that blasts a concentrated and really high temperature stream of hot air usually between 100 °C and 550 °C. They are used in a wide number of applications and also for sciences in physics, chemistry, engineering, and other laboratories. Both homeowner and professional craftsmen of all fields find it useful in making repairs and major fixes around the house.
1. It is used to shrink wrap items from a gift basket
2. It is used for shrink-wrapping airplanes.
3. It can be used to quickly dry any freshly applied paint
4. It can also be used to remove old paint without chemical use.
5. A heat gun can be used to join plastic pieces together. This is perfect for repairing leaks in home installed plastic pipes. PVC DIY installation is also easier with a heating gun as it can be used to mold the PVC pipes.
6. Heat gun will serve as adhesive softener when removing old stickers and such
7. Some miscellaneous uses may include Roasting coffee, melting ice, and even to effectively disinfect surfaces and utensils.


An impact driver is just like the regular drill, but it is specifically designed to give quick impacts of a higher torque than what a drill can ever deliver. You may say it is a high performance drill that can be used when the drill cannot provide the desired force and impact needed for a particular task. It uses a concussive force and impacts to drive whatever into whatever.
1. It supplies more force, precision and hold when in use.
2. This impact driving power tool substitute for a regular drill when the material is tough and cannot be easily penetrated with a drill without damaging the drill bit or the chuck.
3. Hard woodworks and metal-crafts are finished neater when screws are installed with an impact driver.


The impact wrench delivers more torque than a regular wrench, giving the user more force with less effort. It is also known as an air wrench, rattle gun, air gun, impactor, windy gun impact gun, torque gun. The impact wrench is wrench power tool that is designed to supply high torque with minimal operation by an operator. It does this by storing the supplied power in a rotating mass, then delivering it outrightly to the front output shaft.
1. The impact wrench is used in a number applications to tighten and dislodge lug nuts in tires and other situations where dislodging nuts seems to be a problem, or bolt need to be installed tightly.
2. Saves the operator’s time and also makes installation process more straight-forward.


The introduction of the sewing machine has made the idea of spending hours doing a tedious manual sewing extinct. This machine has been used for quite a long time in producing arts of different types. From strong textiles joining to light textile joining, and from professional use to a random task like sewing the baby-sit in a baby walker, sewing machines are really fit to handle any sewing task. It is not only for making body cloths, it also used in making curtains, table cloths.
1. Sewing with the manual needle and thread is not only stressful and unpleasing, it needs a really professional skill to produce good result. The sewing machine has successfully eliminated that.
2. The machine has made making clothes easy and time saving.
3. Some can be run without electricity.


The disc cutter is a power tool used to cut into hard materials, it is always handheld (unless stated otherwise). The cutting part of the tool is made out of a circular blade, This gives the tool the ability to cut through whatever thickness of material.
1. The tool is quite portable and very easy to operate.
2. It helps make all cutting task relatively within reach.
3. It is a very versatile power tool.


When a project involves smoothening the floors for some reasons, maybe to polish the floor or to smoothening a newly done concrete floor or to match-in a newly laid garage floor, a floor sander has no other competitor as it is the power tool for the job.
1. Once you have it, it is easy to use.
2. It saves you the stress and cost of getting a professional.
3. With a Floor Sander, flooring works look neat and perfectly finished.


Instead of breaking your back trimming the edges in your garden, you can employee a hedge trimmer for this task. You can set the trimmer into a desired size and shape. This power tool is more efficient when it is cordless because an operator can take them to any part of the garden for work without bothering about power source. See more on the best cordless hedge trimmer.

The tool primarily consists of a power engine connected to a blade. This blade is a thin rotating saw whose rotation cuts the edges.
1. A few split-shaft models allow for multi-purpose use. I.e. The blade can be removed and a leaf blower attached. This multi-functionality may be an advantage. Look out for this when selecting.
2. When buying a hedge trimmer, just like any other tool, consider the amount you want to spend on the hedge trimmer so you can compare with what the cost price you get.
3. Decide on the type to buy as there quite a number of hedge trimmers out there. Cordless and Corded. You can find reviews online for this
4. Consider the details of the hedges to be operated on. This involves the thickness, length, and height
5. Safety kit is a must to reduce the risk of hazard. Protection Glasses, Gloves and some ear plugs.


When you DIY project involves drilling tunnels through stones, metals, concrete, or rocks, the Hammer Chisel is your guy. This hammer-chisel is a duty combination power tool that is used to break up rock or concrete and drill tunnels through large, strong materials. It may be to run cables or pipes or to create some impacts to pass bolts. etc
The jackhammer features an internal hammer that the motor in the tool drives up and down at the pull of a trigger. This movement causes the surface an operator works on to break.
1. You would find the Electric, hydraulic and pneumatic jackhammers. These are available for your consideration and your choice would depend on the size of material to be worked on. Note that Electric jackhammers are fitter for home DIY construction works.
2. Most of the machine technically emits really high vibrations when at use; so you may want to look out for the ones that emit lower vibrator to reduce the risk of hazard.

NOTE:  The jackhammer replies on gravitational force to supply the traction it needs to break through materials. Hence, for very thick material, it might be necessary for the operator to add a little assistant by putting his body weight down through his arms on the machine. This will effectively give more results.



The cold saw is a type of circular saw fitted with special circular blades that can cut metals. This power tool got its name from the process it uses in transferring the heat generated for the cutting process to the chips removed by the blade.
1. The cold saw can cut most metal material, ferrous or non-ferrous.
2. It cuts metal with more accuracy and a neater finish than most metal cutters.


DIY enthusiasts mostly love creating wooden pieces because of the satisfaction and fulfillment working with hands gives, hence there are some power tools they cannot do without. A good example is a Jointer. Most woodworks require a jointer, because of its effectiveness in smoothening the all four sides of a block of wood. This power tool makes a roughly cut block of wood smooth and straight enough to be used in creating a fine piece of furniture.
1. It is used to smoothen out the edges of a poorly finished piece of lumber just before use.
2. Wood pieces that have uneven bumps or twists have to be run through an electric jointer to make them suitable for use.
3. When the DIY project requires pieces of woods to be joined together, You may use a jointer to make sure that both edges of the wood fits perfectly together.


When a DIY projects involves cutting shapes, or curving angles onto wood, the jigsaw is one of the best portable tools that can be used to accomplish the task
1. When speed, precision and perfection is required in cutting wood, a jigsaw is quite an option.
2. Even when it gets to cutting metal and fiber-glasses, a jigsaw with the perfect blade can d=carry out this task.
3. For Bevel cuts (angles cuts) all you need for the perfect result is a jigsaw and a stable grip.
4. The can also be used to cut shapes into pumpkin for Halloween.


The miter saw is a power tool used in making crosscuts and tight joints on pieces of woods and molds for good fittings. When Wood joints need some precise, finely cut ends to create a tightly fitting edges, the meter saw does the task very efficiently.
1. A meter can be used when the angle to be trimmed is small. This is precision with meter saws are very accurate.
2. The miter saw delivers neatness and accuracy, when a craftsman need to make any shape on woods. Be it angled, beveled or square.
3. When the project involves home surface fittings, the meter saw precise angles needed. See more info on the best miter saw stand.



This power tool is another favorite of handymen all around the globe, because it is multi-tool. By being a multi-tool I mean it combines the features of many power tools into one. The oscillating multi-tool is quite handy and versatile. It features cutting attachments, sanding attachments, drilling attachments, grinding and polishing attachments. The below are some tasks where the oscillating multi-tool is really good at.

1. During doors installation, it is necessary to have the door perfectly fitted into the door frame. In a case where the door is slightly larger than the frame, an oscillating multi-tool with a cutter attached can be used to evenly reduce the excessiveness.
2. The sanding supported attachment can be used for sanding instead of buying a traditional sanding tool. This attachment can smoothen poor edges and remove burrs from wood. The attachments for sanding also comes in different sizes that can be changed to enable sanding even in the smallest and tightest work spaces.
3. This multi-tool also supports use as a string trimmer to remove shrubbery just after mowing the lawn. It is designed to support reaching corners and heights a traditional lawn mower may not reach.
4. It also feature blade attachments that can be used for cutting up latex pipes, metals and even steel. For the small sized nature and portability of this power tool, it has a better reach than most specialized power tools.
5. It features a steel scraper attachment that makes blistering removal, old paint scrapping and wallpaper removal tasks really easy to accomplish.


Needle scalers are power tools used to remove unwanted external parts form metals. These could involve old paints, scales, or rust. It is also used commonly in auto shops, to clean other auto-work tools whose parts cannot be reached by just the hand. The needle scaler is quite a very handy tool to own.
The power tool makes use of factory built pistons and needles. These revolve at a really high speed, creating an oscillating force for the task at hand. This high-speed force makes it work like a specialized scraper, leaving the worked surface clean and without defects. The tool is powered by a compressed air or an electric power source.
1. Professional mechanics and DIYers alike, use the needle scaler for removing old paints from automobiles. It is also used in removing built-up dirt from the underside of automobile.
2. They are employed in removal of rust from domestic metallic appliances. Also, in larger scales, they are used for generally maintenance.



A power wrench is a specialized power tool used in completing high end tasks like releasing a part of a machine that is stuck or wouldn’t come off easily. A good example of such task would be removing lug nuts from car wheels.
1. When the task to be carried out requires tight bolts, a power wrench provides the force to get them to be really tight.
2. Bolts fitted into small and tight space may not be easy to get off using a spanner as doing this requires some comfort space. This can easily be handled with a power wrench.
3. Most installations require extra care, like setting up baby cribs and playground. A power wrench will ensure the units are all securely installed.


When there are diy plans or projects that involve woodworking, a router will be necessary for a fancier result. I say this because it can be used to remove undesired areas in hard woods and plastic when making woodwork structure. Some router out there are not quite of a good quality, hence, it is necessary to carefully choose the power router that will best for your construction needs.
1. Good power routers deliver effectively to the operator. 1½ or 2½ horsepower routers will be sufficient for woodwork, but heavier power routers might be needed it is a project that would run for long time.
2. The best wood routers must have easily accessible controls while working. This would ensure easy flow of operation.
3. A variable speed trigger is important for the effectiveness of the product, as different quality of woods would need different speed settings.
4. Go with the router that combines affordability and efficiency.


A table saw is basically a saw mounted on a table and fixed-on to prevent slipping. A typical type is a Hybrid Table Saw. This permanently stationed saw feature functional buttons that make cutting easy and more controllable. This is because the operator can see and direct the workflow easily. In as much as this power tool seems simple, some factors should be considered when picking a table saw:
1. The space available in the workshop should considered as that would determine the size of saw to be picked. The best table saws should be able to let you work in confined spaces.
2. Adjustable and extendable blades will ensure the work surface is more versatile. With this feature, you can easily fold up the table saw just like a portable workbench. And when it's time to work, you can work in both large work spaces and confined spaces.
3. With a mitre gauge fitted on the machine, precision is certain with working. Hence, you need to go for the ones with mitre gauges.
4. Also, go for the ones with blade guard to will prevent accidents, blade rust and breakage.


Scrollwork power tools go a long way in making craft works distinguished and adorable. It gives craftworks a finish that is always outstanding. The patterns this tool can help create on a woodwork will make it not only beautiful but unique because whatever imagination an operator has can be inscribed on the work. There are quite a number of brands competing to produce the best scrollwork. So you should be careful to make the right choice when picking one.
1. You need to be sure to get the right blade for whichever scrollwork you decide to settle for. There are a large number of blades types and each type would make a different patterns or design on the wood.
2. The scrollwork features a throat that determines the maximum size of wood to be worked on. That needs to be considered when picking a scrollwork.
3. Always keep your planned budget in view when picking a power tools.


When doing some home improvement DIY projects and there is a need to make some beautiful knit works, a machine knitter is what you need. It features functionalities that let you run bulk knitting project in various pattern. There is no limit to what you can create with this machine. From big table cloths to beautiful bed blankets to heavy curtains. Whatever decorative cloths you desire can be created with a machine knitter.
1. You should consider the maximum number of works you may want to handle at a go. Some machines knitter can take multiple patterns to be run same time while only allows for one pattern. This needs to be carefully decided.
1. Make a budget and be sure to only consider machines within your budgeted range.
2. Consider when the knitting machine was first made. For some brands of machine knitters, those made around the 60s are more durable, while the new age one, though they are adaptable, they are less durable.
3. If it has been used, it would not easily get broken. Reconditioned machines could serve you more.


When your project involves getting your lawn to look groomed and neat, the lawn mower is what you need. There are countless numbers of brands and models of lawnmower. These lawn mowers are in different sizes, prices, power range, versatility, and support different functionalities. There are a few basic features that you should look out for when choosing one. 
1. Choose the lawn mower with a powerful engine to support use for tall grasses.
2. Consider the size of your yard. Push mowers are perfect for small yards. Self-propelled drive mower are perfect for a large yard.
3. Consider the clippings functionalities. There are the blower, discharger or mulch. Go with a mower that feature about two of the functionalities.

Every handyman that has some trees in his yard would need this important tool. The cordless leaf blower power tool. This power tool is used for cleaning and keep a worked area neat from litters. It features functionalities that supply a great air force that is strong enough to move any lightweight object on it's path. These funtionalities make it ideal and fit to move things that a broom may not. Like cleaning leaves off the walkway or out of the pool, packing up trimmings litters and clearing up the yard after a heavy storm. Another power tool that uses such force in completing task would be the vacuum cleaner. Below are more info on the best leaf blowers in 2017.
1. Consider the power of the leaf blower to pick. A small leaf blower may not be ideal for cleaning up a big yards.
2. Be sure to go for the leaf blowers within your price range. More info on prices can be found on a good leaf blower buying guide online.
3. The speed and performance delivered by the leaf blower should be considered.
4. The power source of the leaf blower should be considered. There are the Gas-powered, electric powered and battery powered. However, the top leaf blower would most likely have a gas powered engine, and this would  make it more powerful. They are of two types. The 2-engine powered and the 4-engine powered.
5. Consider the portability of the leaf blower. Ensure it features a handle. There are backpack leaf blower models, handheld models, and trolley models that you can pull along as you work. You may check-out more on how to find the best leaf blower for your yard online.



The Stringer trimmer is a flexible lawn cutting power tool used to tidy up the lawn just like the lawn mower. But for this power tool, you get the portability to do thing you can never do with a lawn mower, like trimming tall standing flowers.
Stringer trimmers give the finishing touches to a lawn by reaching the corners and edges that a lawn mower cannot. A string trimmer features a string attached to a rotating motor.
1. The first point I always advise is, do not be drawn by the overly expensive trimmers that only offer fancy feature. Go for good trimmers within your budget.
2. There are options of electric and battery trimmers. Make a choice that is inline of your suitable power source. There also a type called the walk behind string trimmer. It is used just as the name implies. Be sure to check all these when making a purchase.
3. Consider also, the shaft of the trimmer. Straight shafts give a longer reach while the slightly bent shafts are a bit easier to handle.


Much like the string trimmer, the grass strimmer is a stronger version of the string trimmer. It works like the lawn mower, but is able reach those areas it would not. They are used for cutting strong weeds and bushes and can be gas powered, cordless or electric powered.
1. The power source of a strimmer, to an extent, determines how powerful it would be. Electric powered strimmers give the best power.
2. A strimmer with a flexible head will be more portable than a sturdy one, as it supports use for angles cutting.
3. As a buyer, you have to choose between the single and double line power strimmers. Single line strimmers support very light trim works, but double-line strimmers support sturdier tasks.

The thickness planer power tool is used in woodwork to trim wood boards to have same thickness on each side. The thickness planer features a cutter head which does the cutting and levelling of the boards. It features rollers which move the wood board to the cutters. It also features a table that can be adjusted to control the thickness of the wood board. You would find a good review of the best thickness planners on this page.
1. It is necessary to make a budget to go with when buying any power tools.
2. Simple thickness planners give good results too. You don’t have to go for the complex ones that would be difficult to operate.
3. Factor in your preferred power source for the thickness planer. The battery operated thickness planers are quite ideal and portable. The electric powered planers are better for heavy duty task.



Preparing smoothies, juice, liquid food or anything as basic as maize flour requires a food processor. Food processors can grind up virtually all categpries of food ingredients, be it hard, soft, dry or wet. The benefits and utility derived for food processors depend on the type and model of food processor it is. There are a lot of 'foodies' sites where you can learn more about this machine.
1. It comes with multiple precision blades that make it fit for all kinds of food processing. Be it chopping, mincing or grounding.
1. Feature a pulse control that give the operator full control over the process.
2. It features cups/containers which compacts the food closer to the blades for even processing.
3. A good food processor should have it parts dishwasher safe, so it would be easily cleaned up.
An awesome food processor could be what is holding your wife from making that new recipe your family has always wanted. Just be sure to do a little research on this machine to learn about the features a good food processor must have Also be sure your pick is pocket-friendly while perfectly serving the purpose intended for it.


It is always necessary to consider carefully before purchasing any power tool, so that its delivered result will be worth the amount of money spent on it. There are some power tools no home can run smoothly without, not because they are a source of life, but because they are necessary in basic maintenance and repairs. These tools are quite necessities, not having those leaves the homeowner handicapped, and having the bad ones leaves the homeowner frustrated. For this it is import to make the best choice when buying these tools.

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