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What you can't put in a hired skip for your home?

Written by Posted On Thursday, 24 August 2017 20:36

The question of what you cannot put in a hired Skip for your home help people to make a better arrangement of the service. Surprisingly, there are different kinds of materials that you consider as waste, but you cannot set them aside for Skip. In any case, you have to follow the restrictions made by the company for the safety. There is no need to worry about the thing that you can’t put in a Skip as local council also provide the services of waste materials. Let’s have a look at the kinds of thing that you should exclude from the bundle.



The rules of every Skip Company do not allow items such as asbestos. Recycling and reusing material within the asbestos is illegal, so it is better to follow the government rules of disposing of asbestos. Contacting a specialized contractor working for the removal of asbestos is also a good approach. It is important to take the assistance of local company for disposal of this material as some different factors can have a significant influence on the cost of removal service.



The second thing in the list is the car batteries or any other kind of batteries. It is because these items include chemical and they are full of waste that can prove dangerous for health. You can give it to any batteries shop in the market as the shops have the collection of such cells. If you are unaware of the battery recycling point in your city, then you can contact the local council for any help.


Gas Cylinders:

The restriction on gas cylinder is quite obvious because no matter it is empty, it still can create harm. Apart from that, many companies have individual policies, and they do not have the licensees to take such things. The only option left is giving it back to the company from where you have purchased it as they can use it for recycling purpose. They would bend the broken parts, and they will refill and resell it. You can get the relevant information about such companies from your country’s gas association department.



Another no for the next material: plaster boards also have restrictions. However, you need to check whether the companies you are consulting allow putting it in the skip or not. If you are worried whom to give this waste material, then you can contact the local property owners or a construction company for the management of this waste.


Car Tyres:

Many people save the broken car or vehicle tires in the storeroom, and they plan to put in Skip. However, the Skip companies also do not allow this material. You can give it to the tires recycling company who can use it for making rubber floor or any other useful thing.


Other Things:

All the other things include computer monitor, tower, and different bleach chemicals and detergents. You also cannot include electric fans and cookers. Explosive is highly dangerous so avoid putting them in Skip. Fluorescents bulbs, fridge, solvents, telephones, and toasters should not be the part of your list in Skip. You cannot put the microwaves and any oils. It is better to give back the paint tins as there is no permission for them as well. Whether it is on the telephone, you have used, and now you want to discard or the television. It is important not to put them in Skip. You can also contact The Skip Company you have hired for a better understanding of more rules and regulations.

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