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Cost-Effective Ways To Renovate A Small Bathroom

Written by Posted On Thursday, 31 August 2017 17:09


Small bathrooms can cost almost as much as a larger bathroom to refurbish if you're not careful. Here are some ways to refurbish a small bathroom without blowing the budget.


Doing up a smaller bathroom can be as challenging as doing up a larger one, but in different ways. There are different challenges, such as trying to make it look bigger and lighter, and trying to fit in all the things you need without using up the minimal space there is. With a little creative thinking and some patience, there's every reason your bathroom can be both beautiful and practical, and for a budget too. Here are 5 cost-effective ways to renovate a small bathroom:

  1. Float The Basin

The area around a basin can often be enclosed to make room for storage. This can be bulky and doesn't always make the most of the space. Consider floating your basin which already opens up the space, and finding storage in other ways such as shelving. You could always have the basin in the corner if plumbing allows as well, which uses up space that is less likely to be utilised.

  1. Play With Patterns

You might always think pale colours and tones work the best for light reflection and bringing the illusion of space to a room, but sometimes other effects can work well to do the same. Using diagonal patterns on the flooring works well to make a floor look bigger than it is, as does a cool vintage floor tile pattern that brings the eye to the floor.

  1. Bring In Nature

Nature in a bathroom is a great way to bring the outdoor in where there might be limited light. Consider small succulent gardens or hanging ferns to bring greenery and nature into the bathroom. You might also want to use art if the room allows it, to draw the eye to something attractive and away from the whole space.

  1. Drop The Shower Door

Shower doors are not necessary to keep water contained, and they take up so much space when you have to open them up out into the room. If you want a solid door opt for a folding door, and if you don't need a solid door why not opt for a shower curtain? You'll save a ton of space in return for something that does the same job. Replacing the shower door is also extremely cheap, with far-reaching effects.

  1. Refresh

Refreshing your bathroom could be all that it needs to look like new again. Could you do any of the following to refresh your bathroom?

  • Change fixtures and fittings for more modern versions
  • Buy a new seat for the WC
  • Buy new towels and perhaps a new towel rail
  • Clean up the grout between your floor tiles and wall tiles
  • Paint the walls and woodwork

Sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest effects, especially if you're clever about which changes you focus on.

It just takes a bit of innovation and creativity and you'll be able to give your bathroom a new lease of life for a minimal budget. Your small bathroom is going to look glorious!

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