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Key Benefits To Decluttering Your Home

Written by Posted On Friday, 01 September 2017 06:48

Decluttering is so important in a home and has so many benefits. Here we look at key benefits to decluttering to help you feel more inspired to sort through all your items to achieve a clutter-free living environment.

We all need to clutter every now and again, particularly after events where lots of items come into the house, like after a baby shower or Christmas. It can be difficult to get yourself into the frame of mind where you want to declutter, in which case it helps to know the benefits. Knowing why a laborious activity is going to be good for you might be enough to spur you on and get that house decluttered. It is particularly important if you plan on selling your house anytime soon so you can get into the habit of keeping it clutter-free when prospective buyers come to view the property.

Here are key advantages of decluttering:

Direct access to the things that matter to you

When you declutter, you have a much easier environment to use and interact with. Everything that matters to you is within direct access, no need to work around all the other unnecessary bits and pieces.

Tons More Space

When you declutter you get tons more space. This space can be used to store items in, to be made into a desk or a spare room, or you might just enjoy having a more minimalist home. After all, we spend so much money paying for more space, it makes sense to make the most of it!


Headspace is underrated. Physical clutter and mess can have a real effect on how you feel and it can be quite stressful and draining. Getting rid of that clutter can make a massive difference to how you feel within your home.


It might seem strange but, the more items you have the more time they take up. That could be cleaning them, moving them around, maintaining them, anything related to them could be time consuming. The less stuff you have, the more time you will free up.


Buying these items costs money, and you will gain money by selling them on, or by getting rid of them and not having to pay to maintain them. Decluttering means that even if you do pay to store some items in cheap self storage, you won't be paying excess for items that you don't need or want.

A More Saleable House

If you are selling your house, there is no doubt decluttering will help the cause. Buyers are attracted to spacious properties, and properties that they can imagine themselves in. The less items in your home that represent your memories and taste, and that take up extra space, the better. If you need to do this quickly you can always pop your items in self storage and declutter through the boxes there, all whilst your house is on sale and attracting offers.

Enjoying The Items You Do Love

It can be so easy to forget about items you do love when you're surrounded by lots of clutter. There might be an ornament that used to make you smile every time you saw it alone on the mantelpiece, but now you don't see it because it is surrounded by other bits and pieces you don't care about. Decluttering allows us to enjoy the items we really love.

Quality Time

When you declutter you make space to make new memories and to enjoy new activities. Now you can enjoy quality time painting or making lego, making dens or having guests over, because you made space for those memories to be made by decluttering.

There are so many benefits to decluttering, you're sure to notice some of them straight away next time you sort through all your things. If you need help with the process then check out The Ultimate Guide To Decluttering. Who knows, you might even discover even more benefits you never even thought of. There's only one way to find out...

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