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Top House Cleaning Tips

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 05 September 2017 20:14

House cleaning at the end of the tenancy is a daunting task as it requires intensive effort and time by the landlord or the tenant. Most of the people who never engage in such job fear with the idea of cleaning the entire house. However, they do not know that perfect planning and focus with some useful tips can help them accomplish the task within a few hours of the day. Following tips include the knowledge that you should have before starting your work. Make a checklist of cleaning, kitchen, bathroom, and living area with next steps for each section.

Cleaning Kitchen:

A lot of people think that they should start cleaning the living area first, but they do not that kitchen is one of the particular sections that need more attention and effort. For the initial work, you first should remove the boxes, grocery, and appliances from the cupboard and shelves. Remove all the crumbs and dust from the shelves and then take a sponge and detergent for cleaning the area. Remove all the stains by using a reliable cleaner and then move towards the floor. You would see the stains of oil on walls and floor that would take a lot of time in cleaning. Take enough time by using the brush for removing all the stains. Using a detergent of good smell would eliminate all the stinky smell of food from the kitchen, and you would have a beautiful and clean kitchen.

The Living Room:

Now you have to move towards the living room where the carpets would seem fresh, but they fill with dust. If the carpet is not very dirty, then you can use the vacuum cleaner but if it was filthy then put aside the carpet and clean them in washroom or an open area. If you are not comfortable in putting effort, then you can give it for dry cleaning. You can further clean the spider webs from the walls for bringing more cleanliness in the living room. The next focus is all the furniture placed in the living room. You can use a dry piece of cloth for removing the dust and then use a furniture polish to give it a brand new look. Wash out the entire bed sheet and sofa covers so nothing would leave behind. Clean the cabinets and coffee tables for cleaning them with a safe detergent. Don’t forget the windows and the curtains for washing them completely.

The Bathroom:

Another area that would need your effort is the bathroom. Some people clean bathroom on a daily basis that reduces the tendency of cleaning it at the end of tenancy contract. However, working people do not pay much attention to the bathroom that hardens the stains. Take a bathroom cleaner and a string brush for cleaning the toilet. Use a different brush for the sink and the floor. Clean the mirror with a news paper and water. Check all the holes of plugs and drains for clearing the garbage and for ensuring the smooth flow of water. Check molds on the taps and showers and remove molds with the mixture of lemon and vinegar, further dry the taps with the dry cloth.

Check the entire kitchen, living area, and the washroom once again to ensure there is nothing left for cleaning. You can complete the cleaning project within 4-5 hours of a day. You can also contact professionals for end of tenancy cleaning London for any help in your project. Take out time on a weekend and clean the house for preparing it for the next tenant.  

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