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7 Things Realtors Wished Their Clients Did

Written by Posted On Thursday, 07 September 2017 16:50
7 Things Realtors Wished Their Clients Did Unsplash
  1. Over the years there's been several times I have had an experience with a client and I just wish they had read a list like this one and followed it.   So without further ado heres, 7 Things Realtors Wished Their Clients Did.
  2. 1. Interview Agents - I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but most home sellers and buyers pick the first agent they talk to (according to NAR that number is over 80%), so there can often be a large variance in skill level and ultimately even trust.  However, when a family interviews several agents they are able to determine a difference (hopefully) between agents.
  3. 2. Trust the Agent - If you interviewed, then it's likely you hired a good agent. Most good full time real estate agents do this every day, allow them to do their job. I've not met an agent in all my years that was out to "get" customers. I've met lazy agents, but never one that would intentionally harm a client.  If you're going to pay THAT much in commission, then at least trust the professional.
  4. 3. Do What Your Loan/Finance Person says (do this before seeing homes) - this is HUGE for buyers. In the Atlanta market homes are going very fast and home buyers don't have time to find a home and then get qualified. Even if this weren't the case, the first step is really to get your budget ready anyway!  Would you walk into a grocery store (without a credit/debit card) and hope you had enough cash to buy groceries?  
  5. 4. Don't try to do too many things at once - For example, a lot of buyers want to buy a car and a home. You'd be surprised how common that is! You can do both but only if you are conservative and buy the home FIRST. Also, having a baby, moving, and changing jobs are all things it might be best to do 1 at a time.  Many people think moving is a simple "logistical" problem to solve, when in reality it's second only to divorce when it comes to stress.
  6. 5. Keep Calm - (as we were saying) Moving is an extremely emotional process, however, the buyers and sellers that keep their cool are always the ones that have the best experience. It's very hard to detach yourself but you must try very hard to do this.  I don't want to make excuses for poor behavior but also try to have an understanding that most people buying your home (or selling you a home) aren't like you.  It's very likely that someone that moved from Atlanta and bought a home for sale in Novi MI is going to have a completely different outlook on life.
  7. 6. For Sellers- CLEAN THE HOME. - Seriously.  Buyers are comparing your home to others, if you want a bidding war, it needs to be clean and "move in ready."
  8. 7. Be Flexible - I'm not really talking about money here although that's true. Often in negotiations we'll find that some terms (move in date, repairs, etc) are more important to one party than the other. The more flexible you are, the more you get what you want. If you remember my "keep calm" point, understand that you'll also see differences in negotiations here.  A home seller in Richardson TX is going to behave differently than one in Davenport FL.
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