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Repair and replacement of roofing shingles

Written by Posted On Thursday, 07 September 2017 18:12

After a severe damage by natural disaster or any other catastrophe, you need to check all parts of the house and should make sure that you detect the damaged or leaking area of the house. After detecting it, you need to mark it and should take the steps for its repair. If you find that the roofing shingles or roofing tiles are damaged, and water is leaking from them, then you need to take instant action for its repair.

If you cannot detect the damaged area, you must hire a contractor for identifying the cost and improving it. The Detroit roofing contractors are outstanding in their work. They first detect the damaged area and work on it. They remove the mutilation from the roof and install the new siding on the ceiling. They did an outstanding job by making their customers satisfied with their work.


Steps for the repair and replacement of roof:-

Following are the necessary measures for the repair and replacement of the ceiling.


Detect the damaged area:

When you find leakage or cracks in your ceiling and walls, you need to recognize the damaged places carefully. When you complete the detection mark it and collect all the things that you need for its repair. If you thought that you couldn't do the repair of the roof, then you can hire a best roofers in Ann Arbor Michigan for its repair. He will first detect the leaking holes and cracks on the ceiling, and then he will fix them by following the steps of repair.


Remove the broken tiles:

After detecting the leaking holes and cracks, you need to set them correctly. For this purpose, you need to eliminate or uninstall the siding of the roof. You need to do the uninstallation process carefully and lose the nails. Then you need to pull up the shingles with the pry or crow bar. It will help in removing all the shingles from the roof.


Repair the leaks and cracks:

When you have uninstalled the siding, start filling the cracks and leaking holes and fix the damaged part of the ceiling using the wall adhesive. You need to put the glue in the holes properly to close them and stop the leakage. You can also fix the cracks with the wall adhesive by applying it to the damaged part gently. Then let it dry.


Install the foaming to make it weather proof:

When you complete the repair, you will have to add a foaming on the roof to make it weather proof. The foaming sheet helps to maintain the inside temperature of the house and don't let the air pass through it. It also does not allow the water to enter inside and it is a great weather protector.


Reinstall the siding:

You need to reinstall the siding on the roof after covering it correctly. To install the siding, put each part one by one and fix it with the help of the nail. In this way, you can quickly repair the roof damages and renew the roof of the house.


The method mentioned above is constructive for the repair and replacement of the roofing shingles and siding. You can do the repair and replacement of siding easily and quickly by following the above method.

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