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Preparing to Sell - How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Written by Posted On Monday, 11 September 2017 16:41
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Increasing your home’s value is much like ordering breakfast. You have a large menu to choose from, but you should prioritize and order only what you need to eat this morning. Save some items for tomorrow. Start with planning wisely.


Think of your expenditure as an investment. Every dollar you spend on home improvement should yield four to five dollars in increased value. First, estimate how much longer you want to live in your house before selling it. Then make a list of all the things you want to change. Don’t worry about cost or effort at first. Just write it all down.

Third, put a cost estimate on everything in terms of both time and money.

Fourth, prioritize. Which of these items is most important? Remember to think in terms of selling, not living. What will bring the value of the home up, not which improvement do you want to enhance your living arrangement.


Sticking with our breakfast scenario, what do you order first? Well, what can you afford to begin with today? Next week? You’re checking the IHOP menu prices, so to speak. Remember, you will be coming back again in the future, so don’t worry if you miss something you really want but can’t afford.

One Room at a Time

There are many advantages to focusing on one room. You can rapidly see your accomplishments. If something goes wrong, it doesn’t ruin the whole house. Your mini-goals are achievable.

The Bathroom

The two most important rooms to enhance are the kitchen and the bathroom. Those are the two places that really stand out in every buyer’s mind. The bathroom is a little easier and cheaper than the kitchen to upgrade.

Make sure everything works well. The faucets shine, are easy to turn, and don’t leak. The toilet is sparkling clean from every angle. It flushes smoothly and the tank fills without delay.

The bathroom must make feel people relaxed and exude a spa-like atmosphere. Granite or marble countertops are a good addition if you can afford it.

Wall mounted lights are warmer and more inviting than overhead fluorescent bulbs. Make sure you have lighting all around the mirror to eliminate shadows.

Heated floors are a huge attraction.

A shower with body sprays and stone surround tiles is worth the investment.

And most of all – make sure everything is clean.

The Kitchen

This is the equivalent of IHOP’s special omelet of the day. It has everything and is the first and last thing a potential buyer sees when they enter and leave. Investing in your kitchen is the single most important thing you can do to enhance the value of your home.

Consider a mini-remodeling project. Just change the paint. Put a faux-cherry wood finish on your cabinets. It’s much cheaper than actually replacing them.

Add a colorful backsplash. New tile is always nice and home improvement outlets will often offer classes in how to do it right.

Buyers these days like stainless steel for the appliances. If you can replace your old ones with this look, consider replacing your light switches with metal as well.

Hanging pot racks with shiny, new pots and pans are attractive. What about a hanging wine bottle rack?

Curb Appeal

Walk across the street and take a good look at your home. Is it attractive and welcoming? How does it compare to the neighbors?

Flowers and lanterns are inexpensive additions that accentuate the walkway. What about painting the front door bright red or green to draw the eye to the center of the scene?

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