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Top 4 Ways to Enhance the Security and Privacy of Your Home

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 12 September 2017 20:11

According to FBI statistics, the majority of burglaries, nearly 74%, are committed on residential properties and over 60% of them result from a forced entry. As a homeowner, statistics like this may make you feel powerless. However, you are not.

You can take steps to prevent burglaries and enhance your home security. Here are four ideas to start with.

1. Don’t Leave the Ladder Out

An article on Consumer Reports reminds homeowners that’s it’s best to keep your ladder tucked away inside. A common ruse that burglars use is to pretend that they are repair personnel. They then use your ladder to access a second story window to break into your home.

2. Get a Professional Opinion

Did you know that your local police department may do “burglary” inspections? That is to say, you can call the local police and ask them to do a walkthrough of your home. During this home check, they’ll determine how vulnerable your home is to thieves. Once you know what the weak points in your home are, you can correct them to make your home safer.

3. Build a Fence

According to Tyson Fence Co, a fence around your yard can play many roles, including being a security barrier. Just as the city walls protected cities in the days of old, so too, can a fence protect your home.

A fence offers an additional benefit by giving you and your family some additional privacy. Many times, thefts are crimes of opportunity: If something of value is in plain sight, it may just be the temptation that a thief needs to break into your home. A fence offers your home a visual and physical barrier against this.

4. Give Your Extra Key to the Neighbors

That key you keep under the mat or under the fake rock or hidden in the bushes makes your home vulnerable. These are often the first places a burglar will look when he/she wants to rob you. Instead, keep the key with your neighbors. That gives you access to your home should you be locked out without also giving access to your home to the neighborhood burglar.

Keeping your home safe and private helps to keep burglars at bay. While the danger of being robbed is very real, so too are the steps you can take to prevent such an occurrence. Some of these steps are practical, like putting the ladder away. Others, like yard fences, are more defensive in nature. All of them, no matter what home security measures you take, work best when you design them to work in tandem with one another.

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