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A Guide to Building Demountable Homes | Types & Cost

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 13 September 2017 08:28

Demountable houses trace its origin back to the 1930s, when an art-deco-trained metal worker, Jean Prouvè started experimenting with architectural designs. To his understanding, Prouvè saw no difference in structure between that of a table and building. By the end of the 1930s, Prouvè made a breakthrough in his work by patenting the axial portal frame, a two legged-structure that served as a support system for the edifice. The Second World War brought more attention to demountable houses with the increasing urge of constructing temporary shelters. Today, the famous houses are growing further in demand. Previously viewed as a cheap and poorly constructed house, Jean Prouvè’s architectural masterpiece is now considered an efficient solution of the 21st century.


What is a demountable house?


A demountable house, also known as a portable or transportable home is an edifice constructed as a temporary structure to be moved rather than permanently located. A modern design prototype is referred to as a modular building.


Types of demountable home


1. Prefab home.


Short for prefabricated housing. This type of home is assembled at a factory then transported to the desired site. The homes are also known as modular homes. All the finishing is done at the factory including flooring and fixtures. Prefab homes are restricted when it comes to design methods due to the width of the road.

2. Kit Homes.


This is where the house is assembled at the site. Under the concept of a jig-saw puzzle, the kit home is fit together piece by piece. The significant difference between the kit home and the prefab is the opportunity for design variations. This means that the design of the structure is not subjected to any restrictions. This modern concept cuts on labor cost since piecing together the parts require less work force. However, some areas require professional expertise for construction completion.


3. Manufactured homes


Previously known as mobile homes, these type of homes are not a permanent structure. As the name suggests, the house can be relocated as the user suits need. Manufactured homes are built on a steel frame in a factory and transported to site on their wheels. Although this type of home is relatively cheaper to build compared to the other two, constant maintenance is however required.


How much does a demountable house cost?


Portable buildings prices vary with factors such as design, size, choice of inclusions, level of finish and site details. Some contractors offer different packages for the homes including/excluding factors such as delivery and fixture costs. Exterior finishes such as paint, water, sewerage and phone connections are excluded from the price depending on the contractor. On average, a 4Mx10M 1-Bedroom apartment costs $8,700. It is, however, important to note that pricing of demountable homes is competitive.


Although demountable homes for sale have a variety of advantages over typical home construction, constant maintenance is a requirement for homes to maintain in a good state of condition. It is advisable always to consider a high-end contractor such as Pop Up Homes for quality and affordable homes.

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