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Manitoba Home Renovations: 6 Family DIY Projects

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 13 September 2017 14:50

During the long, cold months of winter in Manitoba, or when the kids have run out of things to do on summer holidays, it is always nice to reconnect as a family and do things together. Sure, you could spend your time playing board games or watching the newest movie releases.  However, that is just temporary entertainment that won’t create a substantial memory to share.

Wouldn't it be so much more rewarding to create something tangible that everyone can be proud of? Take a glance at this list of family DIY projects for home renovations below and consider making real memories!


1. Mailbox Makeover


An easy project to do is spruce up the old mailbox. Take the kiddos shopping at the nearest craft store and let them pick out decorative items – beads, stickers, paint, jewels, glitter, etc. They can come up with a theme or put their own designs together; challenge them to find their inner artist. Crafty, fun, they won’t forget this project. Just make sure the house numbers are still visible once the project is finished. You can even make this a reoccurring event by following the seasons or holidays!


2. Wall Painting


Do you have dirty stains or paint chipping off your walls? It’s time to rejuvenate the walls or completely change the color to match a remodeled setting. Painting is a fun project any kid can love and it is easy to get them wanting to help. You can buy brushes easy for little ones to hold.


The best part is any mistakes made by the kids can easily be covered up – letting them feel helpfully involved and allowing you to keep the finished result perfect. If their room is being painted, help them create designs and patterns to fit the personality of their room!


3. New Home Theater


If you have a shabby room collecting dust, transform it into an entertaining home theatre. Have the kids safely help you perform cleaning activities like removing boxes, wiping windows, sweeping, and vacuuming. Furnish the room with spare furniture, clean the furniture that is already in there, or buy a new couch if you want.

Winnipeg renovation companies can charge a lot to have a home theatre built into your empty room but if you are looking to just make something comfortable for your family to enjoy, then set up an entertainment system for the T.V. and place comfy pillows and blankets around the room. Set the movie-going mood with additions like movie posters, a popcorn machine, or a homemade candy station. Relax with the family and catch a flick with the family anytime!


4. Outside Lamp Installation


Outside lamps are a great way enhance the exterior aesthetic of your home. Illuminating light creates a beautiful contrast in the night, helps you to see in the dark, and can be a part of your home security measures by deterring burglars. The kids can help you pick out lamp designs and possible light colors like blue or green. They can also assist in deciding where they will be placed around your home. You can also create an island theme by adding tiki torches around your swimming pool, deck, fire pit, and so on.


5. Gardening


If you want an activity that brings the family together, teaches skills, and makes a wonderful renovation to your home; you need to start a gardening project! Gardening is a versatile activity that lets the family chose a variety of possibilities – vegetable and fruit garden, floral window box, repurposed sand box, flower pots, an outside resting area full of flowers, etc.

Bring the gardening fun indoors by creating decoration like succulent walls. Not only will you giving your home an environmental touch but the family can show off their gardening creations to visitors.


6. Remodeling a Room


Décor becomes outdated, personal taste changes and furniture gets worn out – does this describe a room in your home? Remodel the room with new couches, chairs, wall paint, décor, carpets and anything you want to make the room brand new – re-theme it for a change of view! Have the kids safely help with cleaning, choosing the theme and colors, and helping to pick items that will furnish the new room.

Make it more fun and exciting by letting them makeover their room!


Ask What Your Family Wants to Do Today


It can be difficult to get your family wanting to help renovate. However, any DIY project from this list will make them excited to get started, create family memories, and improve the look of your home. From decorating the mailbox to a complete room remodel, there is something for everyone!

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