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Pros and Cons of Slate Roofing

Written by Posted On Sunday, 17 September 2017 17:23

The storied history of slate roofing is famous all over the world. The high quality of slate and durability are the features of slate roofing. But there are other disadvantages such as the high cost and problem installation that restrict people to choose it. The fragility of slate tiles also reduces its popularity. In the following analysis, we will see the pros and cons of slate time that would help you better choose the product.


Pros of Slate Roofing:-


The most popular reason of slate roofing is the exclusive and attractive exterior and the longevity of the material. Here is the description of all the reasons.




The beauty of slate roofing attracts people towards it. There are an enormous number of individuals who prefer beauty over other features. It is the reason they buy slate roofing for a construction of their new house or replacement of their existing roof. The classy material and celebrated look of slate roofing highlight the quality of workers used for designing the content. There are various sizes of concrete tiles, and the thickness also varies with different types. Some different colors such as red and black give a beautiful combination to your house. You can also choose purple and green depending on the area you are living.




The surprising fact of slate roofing would force you to select the material for your house. The roof can serve you for more than 100 years. You would depend on the shelter for a longer period, and there would be no worries. If you would choose other material, then they would only give you 20-30 years of service, but slate roofing would make you a comfort that you cannot gain with other materials.


Fire Resistance:


If you are looking for a material that can resist the fire, then you must choose slate for your house. What it comes with the fire proof feature is a huge advantage of the roofing material for an area with high temperature. If you are living in a field where wild fire and fireworks are common then the roof is the best suit for you.


Environmentally Friendly:


The annual status of roofing waste consists of more than 5% of total figure that means that some roofing materials are not environment-friendly. However, the situation is different with slate roofing as the material is completely environment-friendly. You use it for 100-150 years that means you are paying a role in not producing more roofing waste after 20 or 30 years. The positive impact of slate gives you an opportunity to serve your environment.


Cons of Slate:


It is true that every roofing material has advantages, but we should not ignore the disadvantages that come with the stuff. Let’s see the cons of slate for making a right decision for installing the roof.


Poor Installation:


The first problem you can encounter with the slate is a poor installation of slate roofing. It is because the roofing contractors are not well-qualified about the installation process of the material. The time you would be hiring a contractor, you have to ensure that experience is well suited for installing slate on your house. The better work of a contractor, the longer durability of roof you would have in the long run.


The weight of 100 square feet slate roofing falls between 800-1500 pounds that make it difficult to carry for installation. Therefore you should hire roofing contractors in Ann Arbor for carrying the heavy weight of slate. You also need to evaluate the structure of your house to see whether it can bear the weight of the slate roof.

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