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Removing Aluminum Windows

Written by Posted On Sunday, 17 September 2017 17:23

Aluminum windows are very popular these days and a lot of home owners as well as owners of the commercial buildings build these windows and install them in their indoors as well as outdoors. The most important thing about Aluminum windows is that they not only look elegant and beautiful but these are also long lasting and durable window types. However if there is any wear and tear in the window or you want to upgrade the window style, then you definitely need to remove the old Aluminum windows and then install the new ones. Removing the Aluminum windows is very easy and if you follow certain instructions and tools regarding the Aluminum windows, you may not need a professional and can do the task easily by yourself and to the utmost level of accuracy. The only need is to pay attention towards the following instructions.


Get at hand with all your tools and instruments before beginning the project of the removal of windows:


Before you begin the project of the window removal, it is extremely important to check all the pre-requisites and have a look over the preparations and arrangements for the window removal and installation task; Keep one thing in mind that you task does not end up with the removal of window but you have to complete the project by removing the old window and installing the new one afterwards. This is because you cannot leave the window hole open for a longer time as this is a great risk to the indoor security as well as air quality. Therefore along with the instruments you also have to make sure that you have new windows on site which will be installed afterwards. In addition to this, also make the tools available in hand like the screwdrivers, pry bar and other essential tools which are necessary to take the frame and glass panes out safely.


Removal of the glass panes of the window:


First of all begin with the removal of the glass panes of the window. This is much safer option because if you remove the glass panes first then removing the frame later on will be much easier and it will also not hurt you in case the glass gets damaged or broken. In order to remove the glass pane, first of all remove the screen trims which may be protruding out of the old window on the outside. If there are any screws then these can also be undone with the help of a screwdriver and further proceedings cam be made in the removal of the window pane. If you are going to install new Aluminum windows then you should keep the trim out of the way so that it may bit get wasted and many not be damaged as well.

It is advised to remove the sliding part of the window first and then move towards the still part of the window.


Removal of the fixed part of the window panel glass:


After removing the sliding part and unscrewing all its parts, now you have to remove the center part or the standing panel of Aluminum window. First of all look for the screws if any in the window panel and then move towards the main piece of the window. Normally there are screws on the inner wedges of the window and you have to remove them first. After that start tapping the middle bar from the bottom edge of the window and then go on tapping with either a hammer or a screwdriver. Finally take it off the panel and the glass will be removed. If you need help to fix or secure you windows then you need to contact replacement windows Grosse ile Michigan for assistance.

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