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Change It Up! 4 Steps You Can Take When Your House Isn't Selling

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 19 September 2017 15:43

Watching your home sit on the market for months is frustrating. You want to know how much money you'll make from it, and you want to get started in your new neighborhood and house. Fortunately, you can make some changes to increase your odds of selling it.

Lower the Price

While you likely want to get as much money as possible, you also can't have your house listed too high in comparison to similar homes in the neighborhood. If your house is priced much higher than similar houses, potential buyers don't have much of an impetus to make an offer on yours. Check to see what these other homes sold for or what they are up for sale at. Meeting the price exactly is not necessarily needed, but you do need to make your prices more competitive.

Use or Switch to a New Real Estate Agent

Sellers who don't use real estate agents do tend to run into some difficulties. You simply don't have the tools necessary to reach a wider audience. For example, a real estate professional, like those with Team Campshure Walczyk, Resource One Realty, LLC can advertise your home through avenues that you didn't know existed or that you didn't know how to use. When you are already using a real estate agent, consider switching to a different company.

Add in Appealing Descriptions

If the written text with your house simply reiterates what people can see in the pictures, then you aren't offering them any more valuable information. You don't necessarily have to delete what is already there, but consider adding it appealing information. Perhaps your part of town is known as the best area, or maybe the schools in your neighborhood have outperformed other area schools in recent years. Putting other neighborhoods down isn't necessary, but you can uplift the positive elements of yours.

Take New Photos

The pictures currently attached to the advertisements might have been taken before you made improvements to your house. It's also possible that you didn't properly stage the house the first time. When a listing starts to grow stale, you want to take steps to make it look new and enticing. As potential buyers are browsing through the listings, they may notice a new cover picture that encourages them to click on the link and to learn more about the house.

Frustration can begin to creep in when the house isn't selling. Fortunately, you don't have to give up; you still have steps that you can take for success.

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