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Company on Lockdown: 4 Keys to Securing Your Commercial Property

Written by Posted On Monday, 25 September 2017 17:51

There are old sayings about good fences making good neighbors and locks keeping honest people honest. Both may have more than a grain of truth to them, and when it comes to the criminal element, they want the greatest reward for the least amount of risk or effort.

Every step you take to lock down your commercial property helps secure it from those who would like to steal what your business relies on to stay in business. Here are four critical keys for securing your business property.

Security Cameras

Old surveillance cameras showed grainy footage recorded on VCR tapes. Today's modern security cameras are tough, weatherproof, can see in total darkness and store footage off site in the cloud. Plus, you can have instant access to all of your cameras from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection.

You can immediately check on your business at any hour of the day or night to see what your cameras are seeing. High-definition cameras capture clear footage day or night to be able to identify faces and read license plates.

Strong Barriers

Yes, you want a superior fence to keep unwanted visitors off your commercial property. However, you also need to apply prudent use of fencing to control traffic and protect customers. Employee only areas should be separated from public areas by fences, gates and signs.

Areas of your property that pose a physical hazard to people or vehicles should be cordoned off with fencing to prevent both unauthorized as well as unintentional access. If you have ever worked in a public setting with customers milling about, you know that they can get so focused on one thing that they will wander into danger unaware of risks.

This is why you see home center stores use barriers and employees to block an aisle when a forklift is in use. Fence and barrier companies, such as Mills Fence, can provide guard rails, permanent and temporary fencing, and stair railings to keep your property safe.

Early Warning Alarms

Whether by intent or accident, you need to know when unauthorized people are in any area of your commercial property. Modern alarm systems can secure the buildings and the grounds of your property. Business alarm systems that are monitored around the clock by a professional monitoring agency can give you peace of mind at the end of each workday when you lock up to go home.

New systems alert you on your smartphone whenever there is a breach, and monitoring agents can call for help even if you are away on vacation or closed for a holiday.


New commercial LED lighting products can turn night into day, denying those with criminal intent the cover of darkness to ply their trade. LED lights use a fraction of the electricity that incandescent and other standard commercial lighting use, and LED lights can save you a small fortune in electricity costs each year.

Light is a powerful deterrent of criminal activity for commercial properties at night. Small, lightweight LED commercial fixtures are available to light up parking lots, storage yards, building grounds, warehouses and more.

Is your commercial property as secure as you would like it to be? You should take the steps to lock it up, light it up and monitor it with surveillance video and intrusion detection. Security experts recommend a multilayered approach to keeping property and assets safe. Begin to take the necessary steps to secure your commercial property before it is targeted.

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