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How to Identify a Perfect Neighborhood to Buy a Home In

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 26 September 2017 17:31

If you're ready to buy a home, your first consideration is the location. There's no point in looking at homes until you've pinpointed the right neighborhood. When comparing neighborhoods, you have to carefully evaluate your needs, preferences and budget.

Let's look at some guidelines for finding the ideal neighborhood.

Spend Time in the Neighborhood

You can find out lots of useful information about a neighborhood by reading about it and studying statistics. You can learn about the price of homes, schools, crime rates, proximity to shopping and everything else.

However, there's no substitute for actually spending time in a place. If you're not familiar with an area, it's best to make several visits on different days of the week and different times of the day. This will provide you with insights that you can't get from a distance.

Consult with a Real Estate Agent

There are differing opinions about whether it's best to search for a home on your own or use a real estate agent. There are several advantages to working with an expert, especially when it comes to helping you find the right neighborhood.

Real estate agents are intimately familiar with the areas they serve. For example, a real estate agent from Roger Deines Real Estate Group ReeceNichols can tell you every detail about the area they work in. The same is true for any other neighborhood you're considering.

Research the Schools

If you're a parent or plan to have kids, it's obvious that you want to live in a neighborhood with great schools. However, this is a factor worth researching even if you're childless or your kids are grown.

The quality of schools in a neighborhood is a good barometer for many other important factors. If the local schools are highly rated, it shows that the community is strong and cares about its kids. Areas with good schools also tend to have a variety of cultural resources and low crime rates.

Study Home Price History

Housing markets vary from region to region. A home isn't just a place to live, it's also an investment. Before you choose a neighborhood, take the time to research the history of home prices.

If they've been declining over the last few years, it might be tempting to find a bargain. However, this might also suggest that your home will lose value over time. Ideally, it's nice to find an area where an upswing in prices just began recently.

Choosing the right neighborhood takes quite a bit of time and research. It's best to write down all of the most important qualities that you value in a neighborhood. That, along with the above tips, will help you make the right choice. Then you can move on to the task of looking at homes in the area.

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