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Good agents are hard to come by. How to become a better agent.

Written by Posted On Thursday, 28 September 2017 15:30

I have been in real estate full time since 2002. I grew up in a large real estate family so I learned from the best. WIthout my family and the people I surrounded myself with, I would have failed.  My family and co-workers were doing Exclusive Buyer Agency well before it was widely accepted.  It took years to push things through. While practing I learned the many listing agents were unethical. They put themselves first and their clients last.  The concept of exclusive buyer agency was faily unkown when we were marketing Exclusive Buyer Agency servcies. It was a grind but the referrals from past clients was strong. We were also great at generating leads throgh Google Adsense.  Going against the grain and getting listing agents to understand the concept was tricky and never easy until we drilled the concept into buyers and agents alike.  Working exclusively for buyers made me a better agent overall. To this day it has helped me think what's best for the consumer.  I never think about commissions.  I focus on getting my clients the best price and providing the best possible service.  In 2007, I decided to help sellers by provided MLS Entry Only Services. It's been great but like anything else not mainstream its a challange.  We do a lot of listings by providing quaity service and support.  We are completely transpartent and this is key. In our areas of service, Massachusetts and New Hampshire inventory is low.  When a property is priced right, properties go under agreement fast. When consumers show interest in using your service always be realistic and transparent.  Never overpromise. Always tell it it like it is. It's always good to work with a local Appraiser. Many local appraisers will work with Agents to give feedback to your sellers. We have been working with Fisher-Appraisal Services for years and they help us when we are working with both buyer's and sellers is ways you could never imagine.  Having a good relationship with a home appraisal service makes for a great secret sauce when doing deals.  


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