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Written by Posted On Friday, 29 September 2017 18:55

NO Book Responses from Realty Times Articles!

Are Real Estate Brokers Making So Much Money

That They Don’t Need to Communicate Anymore?

My new guide book, Presale Home Concepts 101, was written to help real estate professionals, home buyers, and home builders who buy or sell new homes. Its contents focus on presale or speculative homes that are at an early stage of construction. All of the concepts and useful tips included in the book are based on my thirty years of experience as a real estate broker and home builder and home industry research. The presale home segment of home building has suffered from neglect for many years and my passion is to share information and network with industry professionals, including real estate brokers, home builders, and lenders who understand the problem and are interested in “making a difference”.

In the past week, I have submitted three articles that have been published by Realty Times. As of this morning, the statistics show that my articles have been visited by 366 viewers. What is interesting is that not one visitor has responded with any feedback, a suggestion, or a question even though my email address appears in every article. This raises a question in my mind which is: Are Real Estate Professionals Interested in Learning How to Sell New Homes at an Early Stage of Construction?

Presale Home Concepts 101 is available online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble and FREE excerpt pages from the book will be sent to anyone who responds. For your information, these are comments that we have received from individuals who have read the book:

   1. From a Washington State educator with a PhD: “I am in awe of your book, I can’t believe you could write something like this".

   2. From a California English teacher: “It’s a wonderful book that will help the home building industry".


   3. From an Arizona top-rated real estate agent: “The book is full of great information”. 

   4. From a Washington State retired site developer and home builder: “Your book is well done”.                                                                                   

My background. I retired from real estate in 2005 after experiencing medical emergency issues. Since that time I have been active in research and studies of the home building industry. When active as a real estate broker and home builder I represented ninety home builders and site developers in Washington State and was recognized for expertise in marketing and sales of new homes. I was the founder of 3 real estate firms that were oriented towards helping home builders generate faster sales and was co-owner of 2 successful home building companies that built presale and speculative homes for 12 years.

I need input from active real estate professionals. Please send your response, feedback, suggestions, or questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of call me anytime at (253) 381-2476.

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