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Selling Unfinished Homes Is a Little More Work but A Lot More Rewarding!

Written by Posted On Sunday, 01 October 2017 05:00

Your work.

There is a little more work involved for a real estate agent or broker who is selling an unfinished new home. Most home buyer prospects have never bought a new home before it is finished. A qualified real estate professional is the key contact person or coordinator in an unfinished home sale. It is important to be well organized with marketing information, 8 ½ x 11” home design rendering and floor plan pages, a building site property sketch, photos, brochures, etc. so you have the tools you need to help home buyer prospects visualize what the house will look like when it is finished. Because you are the key contact person, as a real estate pro, it is typical that the prospects will want you to answer their questions. It takes a little work to be prepared with the right information and answers for prospects however they are your customers and THEY WILL WANT YOUR HELP FROM THE TIME THE HOUSE STARTS UNTIL IT IS COMPLETED.

Here’s some perspective on marketing of unfinished homes.

It is not smart to advertise an unfinished home as a house that has not been started. If you tell a prospect the house advertised is not finished yet it sounds better than saying the house has not been started. When presenting an advertisement on your website or in a printed magazine or newspaper for an unfinished home you will not have color photos like you would have with a finished speculative home. This means you need a good front rendering of the home design that is a presale or a speculative home that is at an early stage of construction. You also need a complete list of all of the finish features that are scheduled to be included in the home. With a good rendering and all of the finish details, you can create an advertisement that will present a professional image and you can focus on making the ad exciting to trigger response. Example: Still Time to Choose Your Own Colors!

Your Reward.

If and when you become a qualified presale home or speculative early-sale specialist you will put yourself in a unique position in the real estate industry. You probably have many competitors in real estate that are also your friends but most brokers will shy away from selling unfinished homes and many home builders will shy away from building them.

When you can sell presales and spec. homes before they are finished you will be in a unique position. If you expand your career into this segment of the home building industry which is neglected, misguided, and misunderstood you can have fun. Your clients will refer other people to you and builders will want your help generating faster sales.

All kinds of concepts and useful tips for real estate professionals are featured in the new unfinished homes guide book, Presale Home Concepts 101, which is available on line at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Send your response, feedback or questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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