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What Are the Closing Costs of Buying a Home in Laguna Mission Bay

Written by Posted On Thursday, 12 October 2017 00:20

Have you made a decision to buy a home in Laguna Mission Bay?


Synergy works even in real estate. As Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” When you get help from experienced people, you acquire better strategies and results.


The huge and sophisticated houses of Laguna at Mission Bay are a product of synergy. These homes feature cathedral ceilings, walk-in closets and split bedrooms. They are houses that people dream of!


It’s a product of a rich, fascinating history of teamwork and extraordinary success. Being one of the ten villages of Mission Bay in Boca Raton, the neighborhood of Laguna Mission Bay is ready to accept everyone from young home buyers to growing families to snowbirds. So if you’re thinking of settling in Laguna Mission Bay, perhaps, your family is growing and you need a bigger space, there’s no better time to check out the houses on the market than now. This is also the best time to ask questions about buying a home.

What are the closing costs associated with buying a house?


One of the most frequently misunderstood areas of buying are about closing costs. Many are clueless of this information and may not know whom to get help from.


We have your back. Below is an itemized list of the typical expenses and when you need to pay them:


  1. Mortgage application fees. This fee is charged by your lender for a loan application. Ask if this is something you need to pay before or after closing by you as a buyer.


  1. Inspection and appraisal fees. These are what you pay when you’ve had your house appraised and inspected to know the value and to make sure that it’s free from pests and termites.


  1. Brokerage commission. Paid by the seller to the broker at closing.


  1. Survey, Title search and recording fees. Paid either by you or the seller.


  1. Property taxes are the prorated taxes paid by both the seller and the buyer.


  1. Home warranty is also another typical charge you can pay but in some cases, the seller or even your  REALTORⓇ pays for it.


  1. Home Insurance. This is different from a home warranty. You can pay this straight to the insurance company before or as part of the closing process.


8. Points. This is a fee to reduce the interest rate of your loan.


You will receive a Closing Disclosure before the transaction goes through and this will contain the amount of the loan and actual closing costs. Reports show you are usually charged between 2% to 5% of the buying price depending on your county and state. In some places, you can ask the seller to cover some of the expenses but they are not obligated to pay them, it has to be negotiated.

These are several of the expenses and fees that you can expect to pay. There are many other fees under escrow and one time expenses as well.


Work with Kristi Ramella, the REALTORⓇ who has the answers in Laguna Mission Bay!


The 1980s built homes in Laguna Mission Bay have the hallmark of a home that people look for. There are impressive amenities from the 12 tennis courts to a resort styled swimming pool and hot tub.The location is also convenient from Glades Road west of 441 and south of  Diego with nearby restaurants and the Turnpike for commuting.


In other words, you only need the right person to help you buy your home and that’s me, Kristi Ramella. I have the tenurity to show. I started helping sellers, buyers, renters and investors in 1991 in Cleveland, Ohio where I used to live then got my Florida license in 2016 when I moved to Boca Raton with my family.


I also take pride in helping veterans in the armed services and retirees with their housing needs and I’m proud to say I have a lot of satisfied clients as they find the right home.


Don’t think twice about calling me at  440-653-0382. I can assure you of a respectful working partnership!

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