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When You Communicate Well with Prospects You Will Get Positive Results!

Written by Posted On Friday, 13 October 2017 03:28

The following story is an illustration of how important it is to present a calm positive demeanor when you communicate with home buyer prospects. As a real estate broker you can probably recall plenty of stories about your own positive experiences with potential home buyers. This is just one of mine:

The prospect’s dilemma. The buyer prospect was the victim of some recent bad luck. He was single and had been divorced within the past year. In his divorce settlement he lost his personal assets including two homes and was without any funds to buy a house. Before he was referred to me, he had talked with two or three real estate brokers and they basically gave him a business card and told him to get in touch when he was able to come up with a down payment.

First meeting with the prospect. . The prospect showed up one day at our real estate office and asked to speak to the broker. I went to the reception area to introduce myself and sat down with him in our conference room to find out how I could help him. Our discussion took nearly one and one half hours. He was interested in buying a new home that we had listed however had doubt that there was any way he could qualify for financing. In the communication process I found out that he had a fiancé was a registered nurse. He mentioned she was conservative however did have a savings account.

Second meeting with the prospect and his fiancé. I had a meeting with the couple to see if there was any way that we could get them qualified to buy the new home. I found out the amount of money she had in her savings account and I was able to get her to agree to fund the down payment and closing so they could purchase the new home.

Purchase & Sale Agreement for their new home. A Purchase & Sale Agreement was drafted and presented to the home builder. The agreement was signed and the prospects were satisfied with the price and loved what the new home had to offer. It was a two story traditional on a shy acre site in a nice plat.

The drug store contact. About two weeks later, I was visiting the local drug store for some supplies and someone called out my name. It was the R.N. fiance´ and I asked her if there was a problem. She said “There is no problem, I just want to thank you for talking my partner into marrying me before closing”. I did not recall playing cupid but I confess that I was probably guilty.

The end of this story. This charming couple were made for each other. They lived in this home for about twenty years before moving into a large one level home. They have been happily married for over thirty years and we are still good friends.

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