How Important is Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home?

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We’ve all heard that nothing’s more important than first impressions. So, how true is this when it comes to selling your Jupiter home? As it turns out, not only can the outside of your home influence its value or the likelihood that you’ll get the price you deserve on the sale, it can even influence whether it’s shown in the first place. Ask any Palm Beach County real estate agent which factors sell a home, and you are almost certain hear more about curb appeal.

Just like wearing a sharp outfit when you are trying to land a job, great curb appeal helps buyers know that you’ve got something great to offer and that you mean business! The great news is, there’s no need to be intimidated by the cost. You can make some major changes with a small budget that will add tangible value to your home.

Prepping Your Home’s Exterior

All of the fabulous sunshine in Jupiter, FL is a major selling point for the area, but the sun’s rays can also cause some fading and damage to the outside of your home. Your yard may be the first thing that jumps to you mind when you think about curb appeal, but your home, outdoor furnishings, garage, sheds and even your driveway are all being judged when a prospective buyer pulls up. Fortunately, even if your home’s exterior needs some freshening up, there are several things that you can do to freshen its look.

Ask any Palm Beach County real estate pro and they’ll tell you that lasting impressions are made right at the front door. It’s a good idea to make sure that yours is clean and freshly painted. There is a lot of debate about the psychological impact of different colors for entryways, but when it comes down to it, what’s most important is that your door looks neat and the color works well with the exterior of your home and the atmosphere in your neighborhood. Remove any damaged or grungy screen doors and polish any metal knobs or door knockers. A new doormat is an inexpensive way to enhance the look of your entryway and potted plants can add additional appeal.

Now that your front door looks great, don’t forget about the rest of your home. Repainting your home’s exterior may be an investment, but it’s one that can really pay off. If painting your entire home is not an option, try painting the trim in an attractive accent color.

Maintenance Inside and Out

Potential buyers will be looking at your home to evaluate how well it’s been maintained. Even if the interior is immaculate, something as simple as a burned out front porch bulb can cause a buyer to shy away. Make sure that all of your light fixtures are clean and replace any that are not functioning as they should.

Speaking of clean, how dirty are your windows? Grime and dust are major detractors, so a thorough wash is definitely in order, if it’s been a while. Take a look around your porch and other visible areas to make sure that there is no clutter or debris. Find a tidy home for your trash cans and recycle bins and if they can remain out of sight, all the better!

There are a few tiny repairs that can make a huge impact, when it comes to curb appeal. Of course, house numbers that are damaged or missing should be replaced, but a new mailbox or some window boxes can also give your home a new look. Your garage door should be clean and in good working order. Painting it in a complementary color can also add a little sparkle.

Your driveway and walkway is also a selling point. Make sure that you get your exterior ready by power-washing all of the dirt and grime. In some cases, painting a driveway can completely transform its look. Seal your asphalt and lay a fresh layer of gravel on gravel driveways and walkways.

Don’t Forget the Landscaping!

Regularly mowing and weeding your lawn is an absolute must while it is on the market. If you have an irrigation system, now is the time to check for any issues and have them repaired. Remove any low hanging branches that are looming over your front lawn and prune your overgrown shrubs.

There’s no need to do a complete overhaul of your current landscaping, but small touches can make a difference. Edge your gardens and paths and re-mulch any areas that need it. A small investment in stone or wooden borders can also beautify your home, especially if you are currently using plastic. Fences are another vital feature, so ensure that yours are in good repair and painted or power-washed, depending on the materials that it’s made from.

Are You Ready to Show Your Home?

Once you’ve made improvements and enhanced your curb appeal, it’s time to get your home on the market! While you are showing your home, keep track of your home’s exterior and make sure it’s clean and neat, just like you do with the inside of your home. The moment a “for sale” sign is placed in your yard, your home is being evaluated by future homeowners. Your home should look great during the day and at night. Remember to leave the front lights on and make certain that your home looks presentable in the evening hours as well as when the sun is up.

Partnering with a seasoned local real estate expert in Jupiter will also help you to sell your home. The team at Lillian Realty Group will work closely with you to prepare your home for sale and find your new home. We know that curb appeal sells, so we keep on top of trends and will help you to market your home, inside and out. Let us help you start your journey using our Home Valuation Tool. If you have any questions regarding your Jupiter Farms, Tequesta, Hobe Sound or Treasure Coast home and how to its exterior looking its best, consult with us and we will give you helpful tricks for improving curb appeal. Contact us today to get started.

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