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Better Lifestyles With Dual Flush Toilets

Written by Posted On Thursday, 26 October 2017 03:53

Dual flush toilets a wonderful and simple way to save water. This type of low flow toilet utilizes two different flush sizes. A whole flush (1.6 gallons per flush) and a short flush (0.8 gallons per flush). The user has the option to choose the amount of water needed to flush the waste. Dual flush toilets are just as easy to install as regular a toilet, yet a dual flush toilet can save the average home up to 67% of its water usage. Feel free to click on the image for Save Water Project's exclusive Dual Flush Toilets.

dual flush toilet

At the Save Water Project we aim at delivering the most stylish unique dual flush toilets. We capture the most unique and impressive styles with our water saving toilets. Our toilets are available one piece, two piece, and wall mount styles. The variations available are aimed at at fitting anyone's bathroom. We designed our toilets for YOU the customer to impress your visitors with sleek designs and for YOU our customers to Save Water.

Why Water Saving Dual Flush Toilets

If you have observed a map of the world or a globe you will notice the there is a lot of blue. Almost three quarters of the earth is covered in water. So how why do we have to conserve water? Well, three quarters of the earth is covered in water that we cannot drink. However through the process of desalination this water can be converted into potable water. The process of desalination basically takes all the salts and minerals out of the water. The process typically includes distillation, solar evaporation, freezing, and electro dialysis. Desalination requires a lot of energy, and an advanced and costly infrastructure. It also is a timely process. Basically conserving water is a lot easier and cheaper than using up all the fresh water reserves we have now. Our growing population means more showers, more toilet flushes, more food that needs water to grow, and the list goes on. Limited supply and great demand typically results in a price increase. The increase in water prices will not only affect your water and sewer bill but it will also affect the price of food. Food requires a lot of water to grow whether its livestock or vegetation.

Dual Flushing Toilet

Currently Americans use 13 million gallons of water every minute — 14 times faster than the natural rate of replenishment. The Government is also foreseeing by the year 2013, 36 states will be facing water shortages. What would happen if We didn't Save Water That is just for humans. Can I be that, "green guy," and say we do share this planet. If we use up the limited amount of freshwater that is readily available we will see an amazingly negative string of events that could possibly lead to our extinction. Wild animals can not make there own water like we can. Yes, that was a bit extreme but its the truth. Saving water now is a great answer to preventing a huge problem in the future. Water conservation through water saving devices like, low flow low flow toilets, shower heads, faucets are great ways to start. Did you know that a non- water saving toilet wastes about 5 billion gallons of water per year? It just makes financial sense to convert to low flow fixtures as well. By changing your toilet to a high efficiency toilet you can save your home roughly 100 dollars a year. A standard toilet usually has a life span of 20 years.The math is pretty simple, you would save 2,000 dollars over the life of just one high efficiency toilet. There are many reasons to conserve water. If you still aren't convinced feed your dog sea water... just kidding do not do that but hopefully you get the point. Desalination may be an option for humans but is not an option for the rest of the world's inhabitants.

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