Why You Should Keep Your Home Air Filter Clean

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While it may not be the most glamorous job, keeping your home air filter clean may just be one of the most important jobs for a homeowner.  Home is so much more than just a building—it’s your personal sanctuary where you can relax in the company of those you love and trust. Caring for your home is a labor of love that you can take great pride in, and you want your home to be a welcoming, healthy environment.  There are many things that the everyday homeowner can do to maintain the wellbeing of their home.  If you’re unsure of the importance of a clean air filter, read on to discover some interesting facts that are sure to open your eyes.

What is an air filter?

First of all, what is an air filter?  Usually square or rectangular in shape, an air filter is a part located in the HVAC system that is responsible for removing harmful particles from the air before it is then circulated throughout your home.  Some are made with a plastic or wooden frame and a mesh-type material that catches the harmful, unwanted particles in the air.  Most air filters are very easy to remove, making them an area of upkeep that every homeowner can resolve.

Two serious implications of dirty air filter

Naturally, the particles that get caught in the filter build up, resulting in a dirty air filter.  When an air filter becomes dirty, it is no longer equipped to catch as many unwanted particles as it should.  When this happens, there are two serious implications.  First, the dirty filter places great stress on the HVAC system, so much so that it can be damaged, requiring ac repair.  Usually requiring a professional, air conditioning repair can be very costly.

Secondly, and with more serious implications, a dirty air filter can significantly decrease the air quality in a homethe air quality in a home, putting individuals at risk of severe health complications.  Because a dirty air filter is blocked with particles, other harmful particles, including dust, mold spores, etc. can pass through the filter and then throughout the home.  Respiratory illness, increased allergic reactions, and difficulty breathing are all common results of increased exposure to poor air quality.  Your home should be a safe haven—not an area for concern and augmented risk of health effects from exposure to air infiltrated with harmful particles. So keeping air filter clean is one of the most important part of air conditioning repair service.

Finally, knowing when to properly change an air filter is a critical skill that every homeowner should have.  If uponduring the home inspection there is visible buildup on an air filter, it is critical to change it immediately.  Do not reuse a filter—use a fresh, new air filter every time you change it.  Sometimes, particle buildup is not easily recognizable or visible, so it is also important to change your filter regularly, even if you cannot see grime.  The general rule of thumb is to change your home air filter every three months if you do not have pets and every two months if you do have pets.  This is a general guideline that will keep you and your family safe.

With this general knowledge on the importance of regular upkeep with home air filters, you should experience increased air quality and fewer expenses from ac repair, resulting in a happy, healthy home.

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