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PROs & CONs of Protective Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R's) for Home Buyers!

Written by Posted On Friday, 27 October 2017 03:13

SOME of the PROs:  Your home investment is protected because other homes in your subdivision are priced somewhat comparable to the home you buy.  Construction of outbuildings is usually restricted and, when allowed, they need to be finished to match up with the main residence.  Controls implemented by the Architectural Control Committee of a homeowners association help the overall visual appearance of the subdivision.  Tree cutting is often restricted and this can help retain the natural character of the properties.  The style and height of fences is controlled so there is uniformity within the subdivision.  Boats, campers and RVs usually are not allowed on the street and must be hidden from view.  If there are common areas or amenities such as a swim pool, etc. you get the advantage of your neighbors sharing in the costs by payment of their homeowner association dues. SOME of the CONs Land developers often price their building sites higher so they establish large square footage requirements and set a minimum dollar amount for houses built in their plat. These controls can make it difficult for a homebuilder to construct a new home at a reasonable price for the real estate marketplace.  If you want to build your own outbuilding you will probably need to get approval of the design from the Architectural Control Committee.  You might have trouble getting permission to cut down nuisance trees you don’t want even if they are on your own property.  You might not be able to build a cyclone type fence or a special kind of fence that you want because of restrictions in the CC&R’s.  If you have a boat, camper or RV you might have to fence off a specific parking area for your leisure vehicle so it is hidden from your neighbors view. This is very common when there are protective CC&R’s.  If there are expensive homeowner dues in the subdivision where you want to build, because of maintenance of amenities such as a community swimming pool, it can be a negative. Some homeowners view a community pool as a liability because of its relatively high maintenance cost.

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