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4 Apps You Could Make For Real Estate Agents

Written by Posted On Friday, 03 November 2017 14:54

Successful real estate agents stay very busy, so if you can design an app that makes their job easier they will definitely download and use it. Here are four ideas you can use to help brainstorm your next big app and create a huge success in the real estate industry.


Lead Generating App

You can't make any money in real estate unless you have a fresh supply of leads of both buyers and sellers. If you can make an app that produces leads for a realtor it would be invaluable, and you could charge either a one-time fee for the app or on a monthly basis.


You’d need to find people who are interested in buying or selling their home, which may require a second app that’s geared towards homeowners. It would then need to forward that information to the realtor so that they can make contact with the lead and get them into their sales funnel.


MLS Alerts App

An app that scans the MLS database and reports back to the realtor with the information they need would be something that would make their day easier. The MLS system has all of the most current home listings, and there’s an API that you can tap into in order to query the latest ones. Make this information more accessible and you’ll soon have a ton of eager fans wanting to use your app.


But why wouldn’t a realtor just use the MLS system directly? Because the interface is not very user-friendly, and it can be slow. You could simply make it more intuitive, faster, and easier to navigate and you’d have a winner on your hands.


Listings Showcase App

Real estate agents want to show off their properties in the best way possible, so if you come up with an app that showcases their listings in a unique and easy-to-view way they’ll use it to show their potential clients what’s available. Perhaps you could make an app that takes the available photos and presents them in a way that makes it seem like you’re walking through the house.


House Hunting App

One app you can design for real estate agents is a house hunting app that their clients can use. They can brand it with their own company logo and use it to establish themselves as an expert in the field. Their clients would download the app and it would walk them through the home-buying process, showing them houses that meet their criteria in their local area.


You could offer this as an app-building service to real estate agents all across the country. All you’d have to do is make the app once and then add the logo for each realtor you work with. There are thousands of realtors across the country, and that number is only growing, so there is an endless supply of possible customers if you go this route.

No matter which app you go with, it will be time well spent trying to develop an app for real estate agents. It is a hungry market, and there will always be people buying and selling houses so if you can crack this code you will be handsomely rewarded.

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