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What to Do When the Garage Door Disconnect Switch Was Enabled

Written by Posted On Monday, 06 November 2017 00:31

Your garage door opener comes with a disconnect switch that is useful in case you lose power. Typically, the switch is fastened to a rope which you can pull so that you can open and close your door manually.
If the opener motor is running but is not making the garage door move, the disconnect switch might be enabled. This could be caused by the switch either being bumped or coming unhooked from the motor. For you to be able to use your garage door automatically again, you need to carefully heave the door to open completely. Reattach the hook, and then use the transmitter to make your garage door go up and down.
If reconnecting the door switch does not get your door back to automatic working order, it might be time to get expert assistance from a garage door repair company. They can diagnose any issue and make repairs as necessary.

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