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What Are the Closing Costs of Selling a Home in New Canaan CT

Written by Posted On Friday, 10 November 2017 15:51
Homes for Sale in New Canaan CT - 2013’s fifth wealthiest town in the US is back again! Homes for Sale in New Canaan CT - 2013’s fifth wealthiest town in the US is back again!

Three kinds of costs when you’re selling a home

People often ask me,”If I were to sell my home, about how much will it cost me?” We all know there are more than just the closing costs when selling your house in New Canaan, CT.


I’m thrilled to share with you the different stages of costs that you need to be aware of when you’re in the process of selling your property, from starting to sell it until the day you hand your keys to the new owner.


  • The costs when you are gearing your house to sell - To attract other people to view your house, you need to prepare it and make it appealing and irresistable. Take care of the maintenance and repairs that you have been putting on hold. Prioritize them.


Talk to me, Debbie Laemmerhirt, to understand what to focus on. Focus on your walls, doors, and curb appeal. Ask referrals from friends and local stores who usually have business cards by the desk. Ask around and get quotes until you decide which one you like best. Always go with the one who can give you the best value.


Let’s take a look at this breakdown:


  • Home repairs, maintenance

  • Staging your home

  • Pre-sale inspection


The costs will vary depending on the size of your home and scope of what needs to be improved.


  • The costs of being in contract to sell your home. Yes, that’s right! It’s possible that there are still costs linked when your buyer gets your home inspected.

In New Canaan, CT, the buyer normally pays for the licensed home inspector who will perform the inspection. However, you can still be on the hook in case the pool and the septic tank need to be opened for inspection. Again, these can be eliminated if you had your pre-sale inspection.


Closing costs are the most expensive part of selling your home!

If you’ve made it through preparing your house, your escrow and now you’re meeting the new owner, this is where closing costs come into play.

  • Pay off mortgage loan balance

  • Unpaid property taxes

  • Unpaid association fees

  • Commission (It usually defaults to 5-6% of sale price)

  • Attorney fee

  • Recording fees

  • Conveyance taxes

  • Capital gains taxes (A topic that you should best discuss with your accountant)

It is lucrative to choose an attorney that specializes in real estate transactions. This is also to be at peace that you’re being represented correctly and protected in the sale of your asset. Don’t forget about the taxes!


In the entire state of Connecticut, towns normally charge .25% of the sale price while the state charges .75% of the total sale price. But take note that there are particular towns that charge higher than .25%. Just don’t forget to consider the 1% sales tax.


This topic is huge when you visit my website at Homes for Sale in New Canaan CT.


Work with the best REALTORⓇ in town!

New Canaan is a great place in Fairfield County,  CT. I know this place with all my heart and I know that it’s not difficult to sell your house in this location. It’s known as one of the most prosperous communities in the United States. It’s close to high-rating schools, recreational facilities and top-notch amenities.


I can be with you until the closing day and come in prepared with the documents and will make sure there are no unanswered questions when it comes to your home.  It makes good business sense to be with you through the entire process.  


Call me, Debbie Laemmerhirt, at  203-994-4297. Let’s make this a one of a kind partnership!

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