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5 Tips for Staging Your Home's Garage

Written by Posted On Monday, 13 November 2017 08:14

An immaculate garage shines in the afternoon sun.

When most sellers are preparing their home for show, one often overlooked features is the garage. You might think of it as just a parking spot or place for storage. A nice garage can increase your home’s value by 13 percent or more. Take these steps to stage your garage as a positive feature before the buyers shows up.

Clear Away the Clutter

A garage tends to become the dumping ground for old clothes, Christmas decorations, and more. Prospective buyers want to see useful space, not a heap of your old belongings. If you’re planning to sell your home, rid yourself of unwanted possessions through a yard sale or charity donation. Neatly organize what you must keep into newer cardboard boxes that are closed up and out of the way.

Thorough Cleaning

Clean up old oil spills as best you can, remove dust and cobwebs, and be sure to give it a good sweeping. To go that extra step, you could also buy a gallon of paint to freshen up the walls, and in particular some paint made for concrete surfaces to cover the slab floor. Go with common colors like gray or green for the floor, and white or neutral tones for the walls.

Maintain the Door

The most important thing you can do to enhance the appeal is having a nice garage door in place. It should be in good shape from the outside so it doesn’t bring down the overall curb appeal. Be sure it opens and closes quietly and smoothly. It might be worthwhile to install an automatic garage door opener for modern, convenient functionality. If the door is an issue, consider calling a garage door company like Raynor Door Company for maintenance, repair, or upgrades.

Maximize Space

Install some floor-to-ceiling racks, usually along the back wall where they won’t be in the way. This increases your storage space, and can even make it look excessive if you don’t occupy too much shelf space. You can buy fairly cheap plastic or metal racking and attach it to the wall so it’s safe and sturdy. If you have the space and headroom, it wouldn’t hurt to put up some high shelves, also.

Make a Workspace

If you have the floor space, you could also create a workspace in one corner. The idea of a workshop appeals to many DIY homeowners. All you really need to stage the effect is a tool cabinet, a good solid work table, and a sturdy chair or stool. A work lamp and a few basics like a tabletop vice help to complete the concept.

Getting your home ready for a sale can be a lot of work. People understand that garages can be a mess, but if yours is ship-shape, buyers will likely assume that the rest of the house is also.

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