10 Video Marketing Tactics Realtors Can Use To Generate Leads

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Video is no longer an “up-and-coming” marketing tactic. It has become a powerful and engaging way for businesses to communicate their story, explain their value, and build relationships with their customers.

For real estate agents, video can be one of the best ways to target potential home buyers and sellers. However, many agents are reluctant to shoot video content because they still think it’s too expensive, that they lack the right equipment, or that they won’t be any good at it.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of quick and easy ways to incorporate video into your marketing strategy to establish yourself as a real estate expert, and ultimately, generate new leads for your business. Here are 10 video marketing tactics to try today.

1. Listing videos

In the world of real estate videos, listing videos are the heavy hitters. In fact, homes listed with video received four times the inquiries of homes listed without video. Creating videos that beautifully display what you currently have available can be a much more tangible way to give your audience a tour of homes or properties. Drones are also becoming much more affordable to rent and are an excellent way to capture aerial footage and dynamic shots of larger properties.

2. Live Q&A sessions

Hosting a live Q&A session with your audience on Facebook Live or Instagram can be a fun way to let your audience connect directly with you, ask questions, and learn more about the property. The most common use of live video is to give listing tours, however, you could also leverage live video at local events or conferences.

3. Introduction videos

Instead of making a bunch of cold calls, let top of the funnel prospects get to know you by creating an ‘about me’ video that showcases your brand and personality. People want to get to know who they are working with and a quick introduction video is a perfect way to show them.

4. Local amenities tours

From the best restaurants to the best parks, you can use video to show off neighborhoods to clients so they can get an idea of where they will live. Up to 91% of home purchases depend on school ratings, so you can also show off local schools as well. Video can help make prospects fall in love with the area where you buy and sell homes and help certify you as a local expert.

5. Local events coverage

In addition to showcasing the best amenities in the neighborhoods you cover, you can also use video to showcase your connection and involvement with the local community. Your local news channel might not always cover everything that is happening on the community level, so you can use video to brand your website or social channels as the go-to place to discover local happenings.

6. DIY home ownership tips

Video is the perfect way to share your tips and advice for clients on how to fix up a home they are about to sell or that they just purchased. According to Google, searches for how-to videos on YouTube are growing 70% year over year. Think about actionable tips you could provide that showcase your skills as a homeownership expert and help clients gain value from your advice.

7. Testimonials

Referrals are crucial for building a strong client base. Turn the camera on your happy customers in the form of testimonial videos that showcase their experience working with you and the results. When creating testimonial videos, make sure it’s an easy process for your clients and have questions ready so you don’t take up too much of their time.

8. Listicles

It’s no secret that people love reading ‘listicle’ posts, and your customers may enjoy them too since they resonate with consumers more than any other content type. Not all leads will have time to read your blog posts, so offering the same advice or actionable tips in a ‘video listicle’ format can help ensure you cover all your bases.

9. Thought leadership content

Often when using video, real estate agents tend to focus on branding their business. However, If you want to go beyond your personal brand, video can also help you establish yourself a spokesperson for the real estate industry as whole. Going beyond your local status and becoming a thought leadership in real estate is not a quick process, and you will need to do a lot of marketing to be considered a thought leader in this field, however, video can help expand your reach and achieve your goals faster.

10. Social videos

Video content on social media tends to be short and informal and has become a meaningful way to build brand awareness since it has the power to reach a lot of people. You can create short, cohesive videos of listings, super-quick home tips, or a check-in video to show off your personality and encourage potential leads to learn more about your business.

Overall, having the right mix of informal, self-made videos and professionally cut listing or interview videos is a great way to show off both your personality and your brand. Just keep in mind that every video you create needs to have a strong call to action. This will help ensure that there is a clear goal with every video and that you are guiding potential leads to the right place.

Adrian Fisher is the Founder and CEO of PropertySimple, a real estate technology company that allows agents to take control of their personal brand by automating social media posting.

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Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher is the founder of PropertySimple, a social real estate platform. 


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