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Dealing with Over Freezing Fridge

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 14 November 2017 09:30

One of the reasons why your fridge over freeze is faulty Temperature Control Thermostat. It is the part which is responsible for regulating the power flow into the compressor, condenser fans and evaporator.
If it is rotating all the way, you will hear a sound and it works well. Otherwise, it has to be removed in order to test using a continuity checker.
Another possible problem is a flaw in the Temperature Control Board. This controls the compressor and fan motors. Either way, it is quite difficult to diagnose the cause of the problem. There are several parts responsible for the ability of the freezer to perform well.
Hence, it is best if you just hire an appliance repair specialist to do the job. They will come over to check the problem and have some parts replaced if necessary. The cost depends on the reason behind the problem and the parts that have to be replaced.

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