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Solving Issues Related to Washers that Don’t Spin

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 14 November 2017 09:33

The main reason why washers don’t spin is because of a loose belt. You will hear the motor running even if the drum is not spinning. As soon as it happens, the snapped belt has to be changed. It might have been used for a long time.
Before you get too worried though, you may also check if something got stuck on the belt. While washing your clothes, some coins or other foreign objects might have gotten stuck and their removal will make the washer spin again.
Other more serious problems though include the washer’s transmission or clutch or the drum rollers. The dryer’s pulley might also have to be replaced in certain cases. If the problem remains unsolved despite the solutions you have tried, it is time to ask a professional to come over and check the problem. Avoid replacing parts on your own or it could simply worsen the situation.

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